AZREIA's Fast Start Series for Real Estate Investor Success
Presented by AZREIA's Executive Director, Alan Langston

CHAPTER 1:  What Will Be Covered (2:52)

  • Goal Setting
  • Getting You Started Quickly
  • Taking Months Off Your Ramp Up Time
  • Getting You Connected
  • Reducing Mistakes

CHAPTER 2:  Jumping Right In (16:59)

  • Getting In The Right Mindset To Succeed
  • Top 5 Success Factors
  • Separating Fact From Myth
  • Understanding Different Investing Strategies

CHAPTER 3:  Spending Your Dollars Wisely (14:05)

  • Education You Need VS. Unnecessary Education
  • Mentors: What You Need To Understand Before Spending Your Money

CHAPTER 4:  It’s All For Nothing If You Don’t Do A Deal (11:39)

  • Finding Deals
  • What Is Your Strategy
  • What Are Your Skills
  • Getting Money For Deals

CHAPTER 5:  Tools For Success (8:11)

  • Building Your Team
  • Leveraging the Market Update
  • Networking

CHAPTER 6:  Time To Get Started (6:26)

  • Define Your Why/Purpose
  • Establish Your Objectives
  • Assign Strategies To Each Objective(s)
  • Develop A Plan – AZREIA Is Here To Help