Real Estate Success Planning in 6 Video Chapters

Welcome to real estate investing and to the AZREIA community! This class will get you off to a fast start to success by revealing what successful real estate investors do. We will also cover important aspects of investing to get your started on the right track, focus your energy and save you some money, too.

CHAPTER 1:  What Will Be Covered (2:52)

  • Goal Setting
  • Getting You Started Quickly
  • Taking Months Off Your Ramp Up Time
  • Getting You Connected
  • Reducing Mistakes

CHAPTER 2:  Jumping Right In (16:59)

  • Getting In The Right Mindset To Succeed
  • Top 5 Success Factors
  • Separating Fact From Myth
  • Understanding Different Investing Strategies

CHAPTER 3:  Spending Your Dollars Wisely (14:05)

  • Education You Need VS. Unnecessary Education
  • Mentors: What You Need To Understand Before Spending Your Money

CHAPTER 4:  It’s All For Nothing If You Don’t Do A Deal (11:39)

  • Finding Deals
  • What Is Your Strategy
  • What Are Your Skills
  • Getting Money For Deals

CHAPTER 5:  Tools For Success (8:11)

  • Building Your Team
  • Leveraging the Market Update
  • Networking

CHAPTER 6:  Time To Get Started (6:26)

  • Define Your Why/Purpose
  • Establish Your Objectives
  • Assign Strategies To Each Objective(s)
  • Develop A Plan – AZREIA Is Here To Help