Summertime Blues – I don’t think so!

Every summer I think it is going to slow down and I will have a couple of months to catch up on everything I’ve set to the side. Shoot, I may even be able to get away up north to escape the heat a couple of times. How come that never happens?

Probably because deep down I really don’t want it to happen except for the escape from the heat part. Fact is I don’t want to work on the small stuff. The things I set to the side usually just die there and should. They are usually someone else’s priorities, not mine. Selfish? Sure, but why not.

I have a few really good years left where I want to focus on doing some exceptional things. Things that haven’t been done before or haven’t been done as well as they should have been. You probably have some of these, too. You know, the ones that slip back into your thoughts all the time. The ideas you continuously push back into the background.

So, if your schedule slows down this summer, take advantage of it. Work on the big picture. Work on the things that will motivate and inspire you to achieve more. Whether you’ve been dreaming about your current business or a new business, take this opportunity to create, solve, improve and enhance. These opportunities don’t come along very often. It is up to you how you use it.

Alan Langston
Executive Director

June 23, 2014