The AZREIA Show podcast is meant to provide you with information about the AZREIA community that will help you realize what you need to propel your real estate investing business further. The information in these podcasts is meant to help you and highlight who you may need to be in contact with or what information/education you need to further seek. We will be interviewing members of the AZREIA community who will be a resource to those who may need it.

AZREIA Subgroup leaders will be able to provide information on their success within their specific investing type, how they run their groups, and how AZREIA members can network within that group to advance their investing.

AZREIA Business Associates will explain how their business works for investors, what special offers they have for AZREIA members, and how to utilize their services to best benefit your real estate investing needs.

AZREIA Members will tell you about their experiences, how AZREIA has helped them in the past, and what they do with their investing that has helped make them successful, and how they can also be a resource to others in the community.

Plus, any other investors or businesses we find doing great and unique things in the market that will share their experiences and tactics so our members may learn from them and apply them to their own investing.

It is important to us that our members stay well informed and that they are regularly exposed to new ideas, strategies, and resources that can help them. We want to address misconceptions, answer questions, and highlight individuals. We are excited to kick off our first episode of our Subgroup Leader Series this month! If you want to stay informed about each episode, you can visit and sign up for updates!

Here is when you can expect our first episodes to drop!
Subgroup Leader Series, Episode 1 – May 7th
Subgroup Leader Series, Episode 2 – May 21st
Subgroup Leader Series, Episode 3 – June 4th

by Molly Matthews