Hi, my name is Jack Bosch and I am a member of AZREIA since it’s inception. We have done over 4,000 deals making millions in the process, yet we have barely ever dealt with a house. Instead we had the luck of stumbling into what we know is the best hidden real estate strategy in the market and that is land and lot flipping.

Ask any experienced house flipper if they have ever been presented with an opportunity to also take on a lot, and they will say “yes of course”. But they have never done anything with them and mostly even refused taking those deals on because they thought that land is an “alligator” which only eats property taxes. And because it didn’t fit in their box, they ignored it.

But the market has changed, and you really can’t afford to just focus on houses anymore. Houses are sexy I get it, but they are also hyper competitive, with some of the higher volume house flippers having to send literally tens of thousands of mail pieces a month just to get a few deals.

Now enter LAND: My wife Michelle and I didn’t have any preconceptions about land or lots, so when we got our first lot (worth $8,000) for $400 we said yes to land. And then we flipped it the same day to the neighbor who had been eying that lot for years for $4,000. The next deal came just 2 weeks later, and we paid $500 for a 40 AC property in northern AZ that was worth $25,000. We sold it within 10 days for $10,000 and made $9,500. That is $13,100 in profits – All without houses or the hassles that come with houses!

And even this year, while everyone is complaining about the changing market, we are expecting to do about 180 land deals from our home office in our PJs and without almost ANY competition and all without ever seeing the property, touching it, getting a mortgage on it, inspecting the roof or foundation, ACs, kitchen, bathrooms, or windows (oh yes,… this is land… there are no roofs, windows, mold, ACs,) or any of that stuff that seems to always contain a costly surprise.

In other words, we realized that LAND and LOTS are better than houses because you can do almost everything with land/lots that you can do with houses, and even some things you can’t do with houses and with the same or higher profits and with almost no competition. And contrary to what most think (or think they know) there are even some distinct tax benefits when dealing with land (and particularly when selling land with seller financing).

Why You Should Consider Land! Don’t Hold It – Flip It! I can almost guarantee that every long-time house flipper left more money on the table in lots and land than they made in houses. That is a bold statement but when you come to the AZREIA meeting this month I will show you exactly how this is true. See, land got a bad rep because when you think of land you probably think of land banking, land development of multi-million-dollar properties and things like that. But there are three distinct kinds of land that you can flip just as easy (or easier) than houses with the same or larger profits, and with much, much less involvement (can anyone press the easy button?) and all of the properties are worth below $100,000. Of courses there is work involved but by never having to deal with tenants, toilets, inspections, mold, contractors, repairs, theft, mortgages… yet still making the same or better profits in the same time, wouldn’t life be a lot easier?

These three kinds of properties are Infill-lots (where the house flippers left the most money on the table), properties just outside of town in the path of growth, and the larger properties in recreational areas. All of these are highly desirable by different buyers but can be put under contract at literally just 5-25% of market value and sold quickly for top profits. And again, all without ever having to even look at them or even buy them.
Because as mentioned prior, you can do almost everything with land/lots that you can also do with houses. You can:
– Wholesale land and retail land
– Sell Land with Seller financing (and literally get 1,000% return over the course of the loan (that is not a printing mistake I am literally going to show you how to get over ONE THOUSAND PERCENT return on your investment with lots and land)
– You can build on land (although I never have and don’t recommend it, unless you have time and deeper pockets)
– You can even up- or down-zone land, assemble larger more valuable parcels and make 6-7 figure profits with just one flip (I will show you proof during the presentation)

And the BEST part is that you can do it ALL without ever owning a property; without ever being forced to buy a property; without ever having to put even an escrow deposit down; and without having any money to buy a property.  And to finalize this attempt to hopefully un-brainwash you from not looking at land, you can even get cash flow from land and if I may add the only TRULY PASSIVE Cash flow. What I am referring to is “seller financing”

The market is such that banks don’t lend on land, and as a result, virtually all the lots and land below a value of $100,000 are owned free and clear by the long-time owners. As I will show you at AZREIA you will be able to pick up these properties for 5% to 25% of market value. and then you can sell them for FULL market value with a 10-20% down payment (which often exceeds what you have the property under contact with the seller for), and then receive $500+/month cash flow per property for years and years to come. All without any tenants, toilets, and termites, and really without anyone living there (its land remember). So, it’s the truly purest form of cash flow. And on top of it doing land seller financing deals is outside of Dodd Frank (because Dodd Frank applies to “dwellings” and land is not a dwelling).

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect business? We think it is, and while we have done 4,000 deals and have now taught this to people all over the world, there is still no measurable increase in competition almost anywhere in the country. This is truly still the best hidden secret in the Real Estate world.

-Jack Bosch

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