We’ve got a few in-person meetings under our belt now, and what more can I say than that I am blown away. Our last Phoenix Monthly Meeting we had over 100 people in attendance. Our two recent Phoenix Real Estate Clubs have been at max capacity and our subgroup in-person attendance continues to grow. Each time, the room is absolutely BUZZING.

I’ve said it a thousand and one times, and I’ll say it a thousand and one more times, networking is important. Ask any AZREIA member that has been around a while and they will tell you the same thing. You can spend countless hours sifting through page after page on the internet trying to find a deal, contractor, property manager, investor, etc and then countless more hours researching their credibility and reading reviews. Or, you could go to an AZREIA meeting, talk to others in the room, meet our Business Associates, and simply network to find multiple recommendations from other investors who have experience with these businesses or could provide you private money or property deals that you would have never come across in your endless scrolling of internet pages.

We have been online for a very long time, and some of you have gotten used to it. But you’re missing out. The power of networking presents itself at these meetings. It’s so much more different than any networking you can do online. Trading business cards, seeing faces, sharing things like notes, contacts, ideas, it puts a palpable energy into the room that just isn’t the same when doing online networking.

Since these recent in-person meetings have more than exceeded our expectations, we are looking at how we can provide more like it for our members. It was a little hard to say what the numbers would be going back to in-person meetings since we have had to be online for so long. Now that we’ve seen the demand, we are working on the supply. We have the opportunity to do a lot with AZREIA moving forward. We’ve started the AZREIA Show podcast back up. We’ve been able to provide the option to do hybrid subgroup meetings. We have our Core Skills Classes available online. Launch Pad is offered online. We have adapted to provide many online services that we were previously only providing in-person. However, the need for more in-person networking options has presented itself in greater quantity than we expected, and we are ecstatic to supply.

Our goal as an organization is to help you reach your end goal. Why are you in real estate investing? What are you trying to accomplish? No matter the answer, I can guarantee you will get there faster when you are actively meeting others in your community that will help you along the way. Without a doubt. That’s why you’re a part of AZREIA to begin with! Whether you know it or not, by doing so you were taking a step to meet your goals by joining a community that will help you achieve them. Take more steps. Come to more meetings. Meet the people and get the information that will help you take more and more steps. The deals, market information, businesses, investors, money, we have it within our membership, waiting for you. It is up to you to put in the work to actually show up to the meetings, get the business cards, shake the hands, and network.

Smarter investing,
Alan Langston
Executive Director