Our market is in a transition. Where it will go can certainly be argued. I feel it will move to be more balanced between sellers and buyers over the next few months and then move back into the seller’s favor.

Demand has a way of evening things out. As demand wains, supply improves even though there is no additional product on the market. Demand is very hard to get a firm read on. It can change either way based on outside influences. It can rise or fall quickly.

There has never been a time when real estate investors have had fewer barriers to entry in as many investment areas as they do today.

Vacation Rentals are providing exceptional returns and are available to anyone who wants to invest primarily because the marketing has been simplified and made so easy.

Investors can easily compete against the “Big Box” Assisted Living facilities through available education, training, and most importantly, a thriving network of businesses supporting virtually every aspect of competing in this lucrative investment area.

AZREIA is in the process of reinventing the education model for real estate investing. Our goal is for education to be experiential and participatory. We started this with our “simulator” classes a few years ago and now look to expand that concept into most AZREIA advance education and to personize the process through Launch Pad.

Launch Pad has been a huge success for the participants in the program. We are working hard to deliver Launch Pad through more group sessions and in a “do-it-yourself” model. We have never attempted anything as difficult. As with anything that is hard, the belief is it will be well worth the effort.

There are some things in life that cannot be fully mastered. The game of golf is one of those. I think that is why I enjoy it so much. I can always get better. I can always measure myself against anyone else that plays the game through the handicap system. I can always try new things with my swing. The time spent on the course and after a round with people I enjoy can never be replaced. I can play the game for a lifetime.

Who ever came up with Real Estate Investor Associations as an idea was a genius. Odds are they had no idea over 40 years ago when REIAs first appeared that the concept would be what it is today.

The REIA experience will never be able to be transferred to an online environment. Yes, pieces like some educational components can. But, there hasn’t been a way invented to duplicate the face-to-face experience of engaging with other investors, team building and some educational offerings. How else to you build trust and confidence or long-term relationships without some face-to-face engagement?
If I knew then what I know now… I’d build a brand around my real estate investing.

by Alan Langston