Two Very Different Items to Discuss

Subgroups: Recently I attended a subgroup meeting and walked right into a very serious violation of our subgroup procedures. A speaker was presenting from the front of the room and selling! I immediately stopped the presentation as no selling is allowed in AZREIA subgroups. None. Ever. Naturally, I can’t attend every subgroup meeting, so I have to rely on the subgroup facilitators and attendees to let me know if something isn’t right. This is why I am writing about it. I need you, our members, to let me know when something just isn’t right.

Now, I know how difficult it is to find content every month for a subgroup and our facilitators do a great job. I get numerous good comments every month about our subgroups. So, I don’t think this is a big problem. It is more of an opportunity to reset the expectations. Our subgroups have been very successful because of their networking approach and having discussion around topics of interest to the group. These topical discussions may be led by the facilitator or a guest speaker. No one should attend a subgroup meeting and get sold.

Subgroups are designed for networking, information and sharing. Attending subgroup meetings are a benefit of membership in AZREIA. Membership dues support the operational cost of subgroups which is why you must be a member of AZREIA to attend. We do allow for a potential member to attend a subgroup meeting once to understand the value of one of our most important benefits. Then they need to support the organization through being a member.

The Home Depot Rebate: What a year for our members! The final numbers are in and AZREIA members purchased nearly $30 million at The Home Depot. That equates to over $658,000 of rebates to our members! When you consider only 746 members participated, that’s a great return. We have a terrific relationship locally with The Home Depot which continues to expand.

I want to remind everyone that your AZREIA membership includes two other Home Depot opportunities. In both cases they are price savings!

  1. You purchase paint at the highest Paint Rewards discount level regardless of how much you buy. That means you get 20% off from the first gallon you purchase! Virtually all of you will save hundreds. Many of you will save thousands of dollars. Be sure your Home Depot Pro Account reflects your status at the Gold Level for paint. If not, give us a call to help get it straight! Since this discount is given at the register, it is better to be sure you are setup correctly from the start!
  2. An Exclusive Home Depot Appliance Catalog is available with discounts up to 40%. There are 145 items in the catalog including dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, washers, dryers and microwaves. You have multiple options in each category to choose from. Download the catalog directly from the Member’s Area of the website. To order, just follow the instructions on our site.

Your participation in the paint and appliance program is critical to continuing to offer these programs and in our ability to negotiate other discount programs in the future.  Both programs offer exceptional savings. The 2% rebate is added to your savings twice a year, too! Talk about your win, win!

Alan Langston
Executive Director