Who We Are

Unbridled Wealth takes an uncommon approach to financial wellness. We are private banking system experts who teach people about the flow of their money. Real estate investment plays a central role in our business model and the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) unlocked our ability to quickly expand. As practitioners of this strategy, teaching others how to become the bank in their real estate deals was a natural next step. And that’s why we’re here at AZREIA.

What is the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)?

This strategy, while often not discussed in the financial mainstream, is a documented staple of Fortune 500 companies, banks, and is currently utilized by the wealthiest in our country. This concept was integral for Walt Disney and Ray Kroc in launching their companies. The Rockefellers have used it to retain and grow wealth for generations. Bank of America currently possess over $20 Billion in this asset class. What asset am I talking about? Dividend-paying, whole life insurance.

You might be thinking, “I’ve heard the exact opposite about Whole Life Insurance!” I had too. But when you structure a policy for high cash value and low death benefit – you create a financial warehouse that is perfectly set up to safely grow your money and act as a personal banking system.

Unique Characteristics:

1. Guaranteed Growth – there is a contractual guaranteed rate of 4% + dividends. And this money will grow uninterrupted throughout your life. That means stock market downturns or major purchases/investments (when made correctly) will never affect the growth of your money.

2. Tax Advantages – financial expert Ed Slott said “The single biggest benefit in the US tax code and the most unused is the income tax exemption on Whole Life Insurance.” When structured properly, you can access both your cost basis and gains tax-exempt.

3. Complete Access – through policy loans, you’re able to leverage the life insurance carrier’s money at a low interest rate to finance your investments. While that is happening, the full amount of your money in the cash value continues growing. So your one dollar is at work in multiple places at the same time, earning multiple rates of return.

AND” Asset”

This isn’t a replacement strategy for what you’re already doing. It’s a way to reroute your cash flows through your policy and enhance your current investments. Capital stored in whole life cash value is safely growing, liquid, and under your control. It allows you access to your money without restrictions, penalties or taxes. We’ve experienced the benefits of this in the Unbridled family of companies. For example, we were able to place a winning bid at an auction on a historic hotel and secure funding through a policy loan in 2 days. This “AND” asset unlocks the ability to use your wealth
today without forfeiting the growth on your savings into the future.

As a new AZREIA business associate we are offering free financial consultations and strategizing sessions to educate members on this strategy. We want to create customized plans that enhance your cash flow and investment portfolio. We’re excited to strategize with you!