Executive Director’s Message

AZREIA has been hard at work trying to keep all aspects of AZREIA that you need to help you with your investing business fully functional. Timely and factual information is what you need at this time. That is what we are doing and committing to continuing.

Where possible, we are converting in-person meetings to virtual meetings and adding additional communications. Here is exactly what we are doing:

  • The April AZREIA Phoenix, Tucson and Prescott meetings will be combined and provided virtually on Monday, April 13th beginning promptly at 5:45 PM. Our focus during this time will be to focus on keeping you up to date. We will continue our conversation from the outstanding information our Phoenix Real Estate Club panel shared with us. Adding in updates, developments, and dive into a market update from Alan Langston to look for indicators of where we are headed to next. While addressing the biggest question for many, “Where is the opportunity, NOW?”
  • Statewide Virtual Haves & Wants will take place on what is normally our Tucson meeting night, April 14th at 5:45 PM. We invite all of our members and investing community for a night virtual networking and problem-solving. Join us, and bring your Haves & Wants to get your problems solved or find your next opportunity.
  • AZREIA Subgroups: We are working with our Subgroup facilitators to have the option of delivering their meeting virtually, as well. Watch your email and our website for updates on which groups are meeting virtually and which are canceled. Visit www.AZREIA.org/calendar for the most up to date information
  • The Phoenix Real Estate Club Meeting on Tuesday, April 28th will be presented virtually. Yes, this will include the Haves & Wants. We know this is important to your business and we have secured the virtual capabilities to provide this valuable networking on-line.

At AZREIA we are continuing to plan to stay ahead of the curve to minimize disruption and provide needed information to you. We highly recommend that if you haven’t seen emails from AZREIA over the past few weeks, go into your inbox and review some of the great information that has come up, but also stay tuned to the continued information we will be sending your way.

We will continue to do our best to be out in front of providing our members with the information they need. We are looking forward to the day when we can all get together in person once again. Until then join us virtually and stay healthy.