Another year another dollar…. 2011 was a much better year than anticipated, I think we can all agree to that!  With all the Nay Sayers in the press and the bad economy we have made it through another year.  Congratulations to those investors who did not have to go back to corporate America to make ends meet.

Looking back on the year it is clear that the savvy investor is a chameleon of sorts. If you were willing to have a fix and flip strategy one month and the next you are pushing through the auctions for the next best deal, then turn around and buy a multi unit building and maybe a have a rental or two you were pretty successful in 2011.  You have to keep your mind open to opportunity as it comes along in any shape or form. Although it is difficult for the fledgling investor to jump from strategy to strategy it is necessary in our current market.

It is more important than ever before to rely on your team of professionals to help you find balance in this ever changing market.  The Arizona Real Estate Investors Association (AZREIA) has all of the resources you need at your finger tips.  Using AZREIA and the sub-groups as a vehicle to help you learn, grow and network is such an important piece of your success.

Looking forward to 2012, we need to remember to learn from 2011’s market. The best lesson is to be flexible, a single strategy for investing is so 2005!  Venture out of your comfort zone and visit one of the sub-groups and network with your fellow investors.  One of my favorite groups is the Fix and Flip Group with U FIXEM Properties (run by Bob Gomez and Dave Jacobs).  This group meets the last Wednesday of every month.  Although I have been in the business for 22 years, I always learn something at these meetings and I always meet someone new. I met my painter and my plumber there too.  Remember this is your business and a big part of your business is networking.  I hope you are looking back on a fantastic 2011 and forward to a very prosperous 2012.  For everyone Chicago Title has had the pleasure of working with, we appreciate you and thank you for your continued support!  We are all in this together and without a great team, things would never get done!

Remember, Chicago Title is here to help with anything you need and we are just a phone call away!

Happy Holidays!

By: DiAnna Jackman

Branch Manager/ Senior Escrow Officer

Chicago Title Agency