It’s December, which means 2020 is almost behind us. I’m sure you are just like me and can’t wait for 2020 to be over and are looking forward to 2021. But 2020 isn’t over yet. As we do every year, we are going to have our December Monthly Meeting ONLINE. Since it’s later in the month we are going to combine the Phoenix, Tucson and Phoenix Real Estate Club meeting into one meeting on the 14th. We will have all the networking you have come to expect during PREC and Tucson. We will have all the Market Data just like always (including Tucson). Everyone has become very good at online networking, so come prepared to participate.

I would like to personally thank every single one of our members, guests, and business associates for adapting to the changes we have implemented this year so that we can continue to provide you with timely market news, updates, networking and education. While we know all of us are itching to get back to normal, we also understand how important each and every one of you are, and your safety and health is of the utmost importance to us.

We’ve had to move our Conference and Expo, then cancel it. We’ve had to adapt to online meetings and education. On top of that, we have adjusted to online networking, too! Nevertheless, we have enjoyed every minute of the struggle to continue to provide you with the best information we can. Every phone call, every email, every question and even every complaint. We are here for you, to continue to fulfill our mission to you.

So why not end the year with a little tradition? Our December meeting will wrap up this whirlwind of a year with market updates, outlooks and trends
for Phoenix and Tucson, as well as networking and Haves & Wants. So, remember, this meeting will be a combination of Phoenix, Tucson, and Phoenix Real Estate Club Meetings so everyone has time to enjoy the holidays this month. Mark your calendar so you don’t miss it!

We don’t know exactly what 2021 has in store for us, but we know we have the best group of people we could ask for to be there with us. Join us ONLINE this month on the 14th to learn, network, and discuss with other investors for the last AZREIA Monthly Meeting of 2020!