“It’s a dry heat.”

Every year, I find myself saying this at least once to someone who is not used to the Arizona summer. Typically, I’m saying it while on vacation, somewhere other than Arizona because, let’s be real, just because it’s dry doesn’t mean it’s not heat.

Just the same, each year we have our monthly meetings combined online in July. Typically, this is because many people are on vacation, much like me, appreciating the dry heat at a distance and enjoying summertime with family and friends.

As we all know, many people were unable to have a summer vacation with family and friends last year. Our July monthly meeting online felt like any other online meeting we had already since everything shut down in March. So, even though this year is just like every other pre-pandemic year at AZREIA, it’s also different.

We know our combined Phoenix, Tucson, and Phoenix Real Estate Club Meetings on July 12th will provide you with the same market updates and structured networking as we typically have. We hope you will use this extra time (and the ability to tune in remotely) to spend the valuable time with friends and family you may have missed this past year. We at AZREIA are using the July combo-meeting as a gift the year 2021 has given us, and we want you to take the opportunity with us.

There is much to look forward to with AZREIA. We are planning on coming back strong over the next several months. We are excited and planning all kinds of events, excursions, classes, speakers, and more because that’s just what we do. There is no end to the effort we put forth for our members to provide all we can for our you. This month, we would like to think that one of those things is our combined meeting.

Here is what you can expect at our combined monthly meeting: I will present the regular market update and news for both the Phoenix and Tucson areas. This will be a comprehensive analysis of the most recent data on current trends, news, and other information we’re seeing in the market.

The market news will be a series of current real estate investing news I have taken from a multitude of news sources to provide you with the most important (and sometimes most interesting) stories that are important for you as a real estate investor to be aware of and to help you start thinking creatively about different strategies and ideas.

We will also be having a legal update, as the CDC Moratoriums and other landlord/tenant changes are happening regularly and it’s important to stay updated on what you need to do if you own rental property.

There will also be networking! We will do Haves & Wants so everyone can get their July networking done with an even bigger audience that is spread across the state!

We look forward to you joining us July 12th, to you taking the July break to spend time with those you might not have seen in over a year, and to coming back in August with the same excitement we have for all of the great things AZREIA has planned ahead.

Smarter Investing,
Alan Langston