What is so great about flipping dirt?

Real estate is a powerful vehicle for cash flow and financial freedom, but any investor will tell you the most challenging part of the business is dealing with houses. Residential properties, inevitably, come with complications that can cost you both time and money.

Luckily, there is another way to invest that offers all the benefits of flipping real estate without the headaches, and it’s largely under the radar.

This is where land flipping comes in. Flipping land instead of houses allows you to do everything you can with residential properties, but without the complications of tenants, toilets, and termites.

You can flip land/lots in the same way that you would flip houses, including wholesaling, retailing, assigning, and doing double closings. You can lease land, sell land, or keep land for long-term appreciation, to mention a few. The best part is that land flippers tend to operate with extraordinarily little competition. Over the last few years, the low level of competition in land flipping has many prominent house flippers approaching us to find out how they can take advantage of the boom in land deals – and most want to get in NOW before the market becomes saturated.

Flipping Land in a Pandemic

Taking the events of 2020 into consideration, one of the most significant advantages of land flipping is that it can be done 100% virtually. This has enormous implications for investors, considering the current restrictions on moving around the country.

If you implement a solid strategy and invest in the right processes, systems, and teams that you need as a Land Flipping business owner, you can do land deals online from anywhere – at any time.

There is no need to go and do site inspections. You do not need to meet buyers or sellers in person and the entire transaction – from start to finish – happens online. The result is that you can continue to do profitable real, estate deals while never leaving your home.

The model is so powerful that we even have a growing amount of Land Flippers doing deals from outside of the country. In fact, some of my international students who are flipping lots in the USA have never had a chance to set foot in the country because of current international Covid related travel restrictions.

Added to this, the pandemic has actually accelerated the demand for land. We are  seeing huge growth in the number of buyers attracted to the idea of buying land outside of high-density metropolitan areas where social distancing is a challenge. The result is that there are very few business opportunities that are better suited to the “New Normal.”

Looking to Land In 2021

While 2020 has been a challenging year for many, we are pleased to report that it has been a pivotal year for our Land Flipping community with more deals than ever before.

The reasons for this are as exciting as they are unexpected – nobody could have foreseen the events of 2020, and we feel incredibly blessed to find ourselves in a strong position at the close of the year. Our students and us continue to enjoy exponential growth and our market looks set to expand more over the next years. Land is sexy again!!

I am looking forward to speaking at the upcoming AZREIA Monthly Meeting this month to share some of the inspirational and exciting achievements that Land flippers have claimed during what has been a tough time for most Americans. Equally, I look forward to sharing how you, an AZREIA member, can take advantage of the Land Flipping opportunities presented in 2021.


by Jack Bosch