When I started researching the real estate business, I dove right in. I mean I was pumped! I watched every video, read every article, and went to any event I possibly could. But I started to notice a pattern and it really irritated me. At the beginning of the book or before the seminar started, they always started with the importance of your mindset. I would get so frustrated with all the meditation, law of attraction, mindset stuff. I would think, “Just get on with the show!” When you’re new to something you want all the information you can get from the speaker. I wanted to know specifically how to close deals NOW. I just had money on my mind, nothing else. I didn’t have any patience for some woo woo stuff about my brain.

Once I closed some deals and started to make some steady money I wasn’t as worried about keeping the lights on and food on the table. When this happens, you’ll start making new friends that are more successful than you. You’ll start to think differently and ask yourself different questions like, “How do I keep the money coming in consistently? How do I double my money?” Then you start to see the importance of self-improvement and become curious to look into it further.

My journey in self-improvement for personal and business started with my mentor John Assaraf. He was one of the participants in the documentary “The Secret”. He had a two-day event in San Diego which included one year of coaching. I coughed up $13,000 and never looked back and guess what the first discussion was before the event started? Yes, you’re right, Mindset!

Here’s the first message John shared with me, and I would like to pass on to you:

“Our catamaran was heading towards Bora-Bora and the captain was nowhere to be seen.

How is it that the catamaran was steering itself? The answer is the automatic pilot that was set was just maintaining its course and making thousands of adjustments per second to make sure it ends up at the destination that was programmed.

The exact same thing happens to you and me. Our unconscious programming keeps us on autopilot towards whatever has been conditioned or programmed into our unconscious mind.

If you want to reach a different destination (or result) you must change the programming, or the system will override any of your conscious decisions. If I was to turn the steering wheel left or right, as soon as I would let go the automatic pilot would re-adjust and get it to go in the direction that was programmed by the captain.”

Are you satisfied with the current direction your heading? Remember there’s always going to be currents, wind, and bad weather that will take you off course. My point is to set your destination, surround yourself with the right people. Continue to learn and apply your new knowledge immediately. By doing that you will give yourself the proper resources and experiences to stay on course to your final destination.

After taking on this leadership position at AZREIA, I took a step back to remember where it all started, and it reminded me of this story from John. I want every single one of our members to be as successful as they possibly can, and part of our mission is to support each and every one of you. This month I have asked Shaun McCloskey, an exceptionally helpful mentor and teacher to come to AZREIA to give our members the same “reprogramming” I received many years ago. I hope all of you take advantage of this opportunity to re-evaluate your happiness and definition of success so that you, too, can take control and live your best life, because you’ve only got the one!

Smarter Investing,
Michael Del Prete, Executive Director