Governor’s Executive Order on Eviction Moratorium

The majority of AZREIA members own income property. While some members own 100+ units most of our members own less than ten units. Many own one or two and are trying to build their portfolio.

Recently, we have been very active in representing your interests as it relates to the governor’s Executive Order on evictions. This Executive Order is set to expire on July 21st. The governor has been under pressure to extend this order for an additional six months because of the belief there will be an avalanche of evictions. Naturally, we do not support an extension and have taken action to ensure our position is understood. As of this writing, it remains to be seen what the governor will decide to do.

Here is what we have done to represent our position:

• I sent a letter June 26th to the governor explaining why the Executive Order should be allowed to expire. I received an immediate response from the Governor’s Office requesting a meeting.

• I met virtually with the governor’s staff along with Mark Zinman, Attorney, on June 29th. I feel we were able to bring a perspective to the discussion that had previously not been fully understood. That is the perspective of the independent rental property owner who owns a smaller number of properties and the financial impact of the Executive Order. The conversation was very detailed and the governor’s staff listened and asked good questions. I feel we were heard. Naturally, they were noncommittal.

• We requested you, our members, to communicate directly with the Governor’s Office in an email of June 25th. This provided three ways for you to engage along with a description of the impact of the order to assist you in your communication. There is nothing more important in working these types of issues than hearing directly from those affected. Personal stories provide needed context. I want to thank all of you that contributed by writing or calling the Governor’s Office. If you haven’t yet done so, I strongly encourage you to do so. Any communication up to the time the governor makes his decision could have an impact.

• We are co-signers along with the Arizona Multihousing Association, Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona and the Arizona Association of Realtors further detailing the reasons to allow the Executive Order to expire.

• Numerous conference calls and emails with Courtney LeVinus, President & CEO, Arizona Multihousing Association and other stakeholders to discuss the issues and plan.

Again, as of this writing, we do not know the outcome. The other side has their points and is doing what they can to represent them. We feel our arguments are based on fact, sound business principles and logic including our counter arguments to the other side’s position.

I want to end by drawing your attention back to the third bullet point above. You are a critical part of this effort. We need everyone to do their part. Even if you haven’t been impacted by the Executive Order yet, the odds are high you will be if there is an extension. I strongly encourage you to get involved and help protect your investments.

Smarter investing,

Alan Langston