by Mark B. Zinman, Zona Law Group

For over eight years, we have written the legal articles and Q&A section for AZREIA. In that time, a lot of things have changed, including legal matters and things in the economy. We have even recently changed ourselves, going from Williams, Zinman & Parham P.C. to Zona Law Group P.C..

Another big change that we are excited about, is the roll out of our Zona Law Group podcast which is available where you get podcasts, but most commonly viewed on This medium for us to keep our clients, including AZREIA members, updated about changes in the legal world and also to provide information about legal topics that we regularly get questions on. For example, we have numerous podcasts about the changes in state and federal law which came about as a result of COVID-19. Additionally, we have podcasts about more traditional topics, such as fair housing and the basics of landlord-tenant matters, such as how process your evictions. We try to put forth topics about which investors and landlords most commonly contact our office.

We have received very positive feedback to the podcasts. Viewers like being able to hear people discuss legal topics instead of simply having things in written form. Additionally, people like the fact that they can go back and watch the videos on their own time, and its not at a set time such as a webinar. Go check it out yourself and let us know your thoughts.

We will continue to write these articles for AZREIA as we believe it is important for you to get legal analysis in written form. The podcast is a means to supplement the content you received from the newsletters.

Please go to: and subscribe to the Zona Law podcast.

Also, if you have topics for future podcasts you would like to see, please contact our office or post on YouTube.

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