During our meetings that focused on the new HUD rules, we promised to cover the entire tenant screening process at a future meeting.  In August, we fulfill that promise in a big way.  We will cover the entire process starting from what happens when you get word your tenant isn’t going to renew the lease, all the way through the “On-Boarding” process1  It will take both the Workshop and the Main Meeting to cover it all in Phoenix and the entire Main Meeting time in Tucson.  See the meeting tabs to the right for more information.

Our Prescott Chapter takes a look at Finance, Psychology and Social Mood!

Meetings are the heart and soul of AZREIA. Every month you have the opportunity to attend a workshop, receive an in depth market update, network with your fellow investors and meet our Business Associates.

AZREIA meetings are held in Phoenix, Tucson and Prescott. See detailed information about the upcoming meetings by clicking on the green tabs above.


Monday, August 8
It will take both the Workshop and the Main Meeting for us to get through the information we have for you tonight – don’t be late and miss any!

5:15 pm Workshop – My Tenant’s Not Renewing – What’s Next?  Come learn what you need to do to get ready to re-rent the property.  Commonly called a “rent turn”, this session will cover such areas as physical aspects of turning a property and what your property says about you as a landlord, understanding your demographics, and current market conditions to get your house rented quickly, and importantly, how to determine your rent.

Market Update with Alan Langston
The complete market update will be delivered just as it is at every meeting, covering both Phoenix and Tucson.  It is the main feature of this month’s meeting and will comprise the majority of the meeting time.  You will see all the trends and current events information.  You will hear Alan Langston’s analysis of what it all means to you as a real estate investor. This is must know information for the serious real estate investor.

Main Meeting – The Entire Screening Process:  Starting right from when the prospective tenant contacts you, all the way through getting your first rent check on time.  We will cover the do’s and the don’ts of showing the property, questions to ask, application process, rental verification’s, criminal background investigations, including a quick overview of HUD, the lease and protections you will need, renters insurance, move in/out inspections, online rent pay and how to process the dreaded eviction/notices!


Tuesday, August 9

MAIN MEETING:  The Entire Screening Process
Starting right from when the prospective tenant contacts you, all the way through getting your first rent check on time.

  • Taking the phone call from a tenant… Do’s and Don’ts
  • Showing the property
  • What questions to ask and what questions to stay away from
  • Application – Specific Questions, Online, Paper, Fees
  • Rental verification and the struggle in today’s litigious world
  • Criminal background investigations and quick overview of HUD
  • Lease and the protections you need
  • Renters insurance
  • Move in/Out inspections
  • Online rent pay
  • Evictions/Notices – How you should process

Plus, the Market Update, dynamic “Haves & Wants” and the best investor-to-investor networking make this the place to be for the serious real estate investor.


Tuesday, August 2

Finance, Psychology and Social Mood with Alistair Macdonald
Come learn answers to these questions:

  • What can we learn from social mood that impacts real estate
  • What does the Fed know, that just ain’t so? What past mistakes do they admit to, what risks and opportunities are coming?
  • What do investors know, that just ain’t so? What key parameters could an investor watch to catch major trends? What asset class is being overlooked and what opportunities lie ahead.

Tuesday, August 23

The best real estate investing network anywhere! 

Haves & Wants, Structured Networking activities and the Market Discussion all combine to make the Club an integral part of any active investor’s month.  There will be a timely presentation or discussion topic too!

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