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Just because it’s July, it’s hot and many people have left Arizona to escape the heat, doesn’t mean we aren’t going to have a meeting and an exchange of valuable information.  It means we are just going to do it differently.  By differently, we mean virtually!  While this month’s meeting is on-line, it will be full of information and networking options, too!  In this virtual meeting, we are combining the best components of AZREIA meetings from both Phoenix and Tucson as well as the Phoenix Real Estate Club.  Read on to see what great content you will be receiving, how to participate in the networking activity and how to register fro the meeting.  EVERYONE WILL NEED TO REGISTER BY 5:00 PM ON THE DAY OF THE MEETING TO RECEIVE THE LINK TO JOIN THE MEETING!!!

Our Prescott Chapter takes a look at Tools for Building Your Business!

Meetings are the heart and soul of AZREIA. Every month you have the opportunity to attend a workshop, receive an in depth market update, network with your fellow investors and meet our Business Associates.

AZREIA meetings are held in Phoenix, Tucson and Prescott. See detailed information about the upcoming meetings by clicking on the green tabs above.


Monday, July 11
Join us for this month’s combined meeting webinar.  In this virtual meeting, we will share information and have some networking opportunities too.

Networking Haves & Wants are a staple of AZREIA Tucson and Phoenix Real Estate Club.  As investors we all have needs and many of us have things to share.  This is your chance to ask other investors for what you need or let them know what you have to offer.  Because of time constraints, only property for sale will be covered in the meeting, but the full list will be emailed out after to all attendees.  See the meeting detail for specifics on how to submit your information.  It must be received no later than 5 pm on Thursday, July 7 to be included – No exceptions!

Market Update with Alan Langston
The complete market update will be delivered just as it is at every meeting, covering both Phoenix and Tucson.  It is the main feature of this month’s meeting and will comprise the majority of the meeting time.  You will see all the trends and current events information.  You will hear Alan Langston’s analysis of what it all means to you as a real estate investor. This is must know information for the serious real estate investor.



Monday, July 11

Please participate in the July 11th on-line meeting.  It includes Tucson Haves & Wants and many of the market update charts and analysis applicable to AZREIA Tucson members.


Tuesday, July 5

Tools for Building Your Business with Joe Rowitsch of Windermere Real Estate
Every business relies on finding customers and business development. Bring your pen and your ambitions as this will be a fast-paced, interactive, brainstorming workshop.


Tuesday, June 28

The best real estate investing network anywhere! 

Haves & Wants, Structured Networking activities and the Market Discussion all combine to make the Club an integral part of any active investor’s month.  There will be a timely presentation or discussion topic too!

Our Business Associates

AZREIA Business Associates and Vendors are committed to a high level of support for our Association and its members. Our local partners, many of whom are real estate investors themselves, offer services and/or products for real estate investors. With many categories of services, our members have access to the experts they need to build their team and be successful.   Learn more

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