OCTOBER MEETING: Asset Protection & Estate Planning for Real Estate Investors
Presented the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association

Buy & Hold Subgroup

Event Date: 10/5/2017


Phoenix Real Estate Club

Event Date: 9/26/2017

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Presented by AZREIA's Executive Director, Alan Langston
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AZREIA’s October Meetings

In Phoenix, we interview one of AZREIAs most successful members, Bob Zachmeier. Bob has invested in single family, multi-family, new development and notes.

In the Main Sessions in Phoenix and Tucson, Attorney James Phelps will take a complete look at Asset Protection from when you need your first LLC all the way through complex strategies you may need now or sometime in the future.

The Prescott chapter will take a look at the Title Issues, Surveys, Encroachments and Easements in a panel presentation.

For more details, check the meeting location tabs.

Meetings are the heart and soul of AZREIA. Every month you have the opportunity to attend a workshop, receive an in depth market update, network with your fellow investors and meet our Business Associates.

AZREIA meetings are held in Phoenix, Tucson, and Prescott. See detailed information about the upcoming meetings by clicking on the green tabs.

Monday, October 9 – Celebrity Theatre 5:15pm

Phoenix Workshop – Investor Interview with Bob Zachmeier
AZREIA’s Executive Director Alan Langston interviews one of AZREIAs most creative and successful real estate investors.  This is a very special opportunity to meet and understand how one of our own has made it

Market Update & Market News with Alan Langston
The latest in trend analysis for the US, Arizona and Greater Phoenix including existing homes, new homes, foreclosures and traditional sales. Full analysis of Fix & Flip and Rental markets. Plus, the latest Market News affecting your business.

Phoenix Main Meeting: “Asset Protection & Estate Planning” with James Phelps
We take a complete look at AP from when you need your first LLC right through Holding Companies and complex integration with an Estate Plan. This session will be helpful to new real estate investors and experienced pros.


AZREIA Tucson:  Tuesday, October 10, 5:15 PM – Tucson Assoc. of Realtors

Main Meeting: “Asset Protection & Estate Planning for Real Estate Investors” with James Phelps
In this presentation, we take a complete look at AP from when you need your first LLC right through Holding Companies and complex integration with an Estate Plan.

NETWORKING HAVES & WANTS: A staple of AZREIA Tucson meetings, structured networking and whose made a deal! add to the evening.

MARKET UPDATE with Alan LangstonYou will receive the latest in trend analysis for the US, Arizona and Greater Tucson real estate investment markets.This is must know information for the serious real estate investor.

AZREIA Prescott – Tuesday, October 3, Yavapai Title

Prescott Main Meeting:  Title Issues, Surveys, Encroachments & Easements

A panel discussion cover survey issues that have been experienced in the Prescott area – what to do when your property doesn’t match what the deed and Title Insurance state; when you need a survey an what kind; how to resolve an encroachment onto your property; and can you take your neighbor’s land if you have been using it for 12 years.

Bring your questions to this valuable session.

Tuesday, August 22nd – 24th Street Conference Center

The best real estate investing network anywhere!

Haves & Wants, Structured Networking activities and the Market Discussion all combine to make the Club an integral part of any active investor’s month. There will be a timely presentation or discussion topic too!

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