We have partnered with Phocus Law to create an affordable and reliable LLC for AZREIA members to invest responsibly and safely. For just $385 you can get an LLC from Phocus Law in just a few easy steps! Ready to start investing with an LLC? Complete the web form to the right and we will call you within 1 business day to take your payment!*

The additional charge for multi-member operating agreement is an additional $300. Phocus Law would reach out to you to create this custom agreement after payment.

Still have questions? See our FAQs below!


For any additional questions regarding payments or refunds for this LLC package, please reach out to AZREIA at or 480-990-7092. Any other questions regarding your personal LLC information or legal advice, please email

*Submission of payment in full is required for Phocus Law & AZREIA to proceed with your LLC documentation. AZREIA will call you upon receipt of this form for payment. Any form submissions after 3pm MT will result in the 1 business day turnaround beginning the following business day.

For liability protection. To insulate your personal assets (including marital/community assets) and your other businesses from damages or claims stemming from your real estate investment.

Before you buy your property, before you enter into a joint-venture (partnership, etc.) with another party, or, simply, before you start ‘doing business’ related to your real estate investment goals.

$385 for members of AZREIA when using this LLC product from Phocus Law. Most boilerplate LLCs you can get online typically range from $400-$800.

1) The Articles of Organization (what we file with the Arizona Corporations Commission (the “ACC”)); and 2) The Operating Agreement.

Within eight business days of completing the online form and paying the associated fee. AZREIA will call you within 1 business day to get payment for the associated fee. If you submit the form past 4pm MT, you will be called the next business day for payment.

For an additional fee, we can expedite to a two-business day turnaround. If submitted after 4pm MT on any business day, the 2-day-turnaround period begins the next business day.

Use this imbedded link to verify whether your desired business name is available. Verify through that link before submitting. If you submit a business name in your form that is not available, we will alter the name just enough to get it approved (i.e. if “AZREIA Investments LLC” is taken, we would change to “AZREIA Investment Holdings LLC”)

Depending on the information you’re hoping to change, that can be accomplished by one or both of: 1) Updating your LLC Operating Agreement; and/or 2) Filing a notification with the ACC. Phocus Law can help with both of these. Please contact us as:

Phocus Law will provide you with a copy of your Articles of Organization and a copy of your Operating Agreement. You’ll also be able to access your Articles of Organization on the ACC website at:

The legal steps are that you’ll need to file with the ACC and officially void your Operating Agreement. Also, you’ll need to make sure to close out all related debts or accounts related to the LLC.  Phocus Law can assist with both.

As many as your heart desires! By putting each of your properties into a separate LLC, you reduce the risk of liability for a claim from one property bleeding over to your other properties.

Yes, you do. Phocus Law can provide this service for an additional fee of $50. If you have an accountant you work with for your business already, please confirm that you do not already have an EIN created. It is important to make sure your entity name is available for your EIN as well. Here is a how-to video on EINs: