Successfully Using the Past to Manage in the Present

2020-04-28T16:34:24-07:00April 28th, 2020|AZREIA, Business Planning, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Fair Housing, Financing, Investing, Landlord, Market Changes, Multi-family, Property Management, Property Manager, Rentals, Strategy|

We have all heard the phrase “live in the present and forget about the past,” but rarely do we hear the opposite of that.  Currently we are in a challenging situation in regard to managing our properties and are being forced to do things in unfamiliar ways.  Social distancing has changed the way we show [...]

Real Estate Outlook: Slow & Steady in ’20?

2020-08-06T19:07:54-07:00February 6th, 2020|AZREIA, Newsletter|

by Troy Miller As we begin preparing for February’s AZREIA meeting “ Prescriptions & Predictions”: Expert Panel Discussion on the 2020 Greater Arizona Investor, the one thing that sticks out across the board from most predictions is this… “slow and steady!” And if the market is static and the pace of changes is gradual, we [...]