For people new to real estate investing who want to dramatically increase their probability of success and shorten the time to achieve their financial objectives. Launch Pad is just $30 for current AZREIA Members and $100 for non-members.

Please complete the FREE AZREIA Entrepreneurial Self Assessment prior to attending a Launch Pad session.

Launch Pad is a planning process that, when completed, provides you with the following:

Your Optimal Investing Path

Your Preferred Property Type

Your Property Acquisition Plan

Your Funding Plan

Your Education Plan

Your Team Building Plan

Your Networking Plan

Your Beginning Timeline

AZREIA is here to help you get started the correct way and help you design your personal pathway to achieving your goals and changing your life. Here’s how you can get started in 4 very manageable steps…

STEP 1 - Self-Evaluation

Your self-evaluation is the most critical step in the Launch Pad process. This step will define what you want to accomplish, the knowledge and skills you bring, and how real estate investing will fit into your current life situation. This step is laser-focused on finding out where you are currently and where you want to be.

STEP 2 - Determining Your Optimal Investing Path

Many, if not most, new investors want to jump right in to doing deals not knowing how different investment strategies match with obtaining different types of goals or how their personal life situation can drastically impact their opportunity for success if they choose the wrong way forward. Without a path your odds of success plummet.

Launch Pad is here to help you get started the correct way and help you design your personal pathway to achieving your goals and changing your life. We’ve used the previous step to find out what you need, now we help you determine what kind of investing is right for you and your capabilities.

STEP 3 - Your Detailed Plan for Success

Your personalized plan is actually several different plans rolled into one comprehensive path to get you on your way to doing deals. Your personalized plan includes:

  1. Your Optimal Investing Path
  2. Your Preferred Property Type
  3. Your Property Acquisition Plan
  4. Your Funding Plan
  5. Your Educational Plan
  6. Your Team Building Plan
  7. Your Networking Plan
  8. Your Beginning Timeline
All steps are accomplished by attending a group session. Launch Pad is $30 for members and available to non-members for $100.
Everyone at AZREIA, our staff and members, wish you the best in your real estate investing venture. We are here to assist you in any way we’re able to. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey!
You can also join by calling AZREIA at (480) 990-7092
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