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Zona Law has had a great working relationship with AZREIA and its members for almost a decade.  We have the benefit of seeing members on a regular basis.  This enables us to see our existing clients and get to meet additional investors.

Because of our great relationship, we offer certain benefits to AZREIA members.  For example, we give discounted rates to new clients on eviction actions if they are AZREIA members.  Additionally, we offer no-cost initial phone consultations with members.  We also write the legal Article and the Q&A section for the AZREIA newsletter, so that members are constantly being updated as to legal changes in the real estate and landlord-tenant world.  It is incredibly important for investors to understand their legal rights, especially when things are changing on a regular basis, as is the case in 2020.  AZREIA is an incredibly resource for investors to keep them investing and out of trouble.

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Governor Ducey extends his order which delays writs in eviction actions.


Analyzing Governor Ducey’s Executive Order about CoVid-19 & evictions.

Current Articles


CDC Enters Eviction Moratorium

Critical information regarding the CDC Eviction Moratorium.


Suit Filed Challenging Governor’s Order

Read about the lawsuit filed against the governor's office regarding the most recent executive order.


A Text Contract?

Can text message exchanges really count as a purchase contract?


Zona Law Podcast

Stay updated on recent legislation and other legal topics with the Zona Law Podcast.

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August 2020 – A Text Contract?

September 2020 – Suit Filed Challenging Governor’s Order


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