May Newsletter Articles

Cover Article – Molly Matthews


Executive Director Article – Alan Langston

Our Plan for Moving Toward More In-Person Events

Clark Sanchez – State Farm

Property Prices Are Up, But So Are Construction Costs

Jill Bright – Chicago Title Agency

The Resurrection of the Assignment Contract

Michele Leonelli – Phocus Law

Critical Considerations for Proper Entity Formation

Andrew Augustyniak – Peoples Mortgage Company

Rumors of Goodbye to Credit Reporting Agencies?

David Nielson – Boomerang Capital Partners

The Role of Rehabbers is Just Getting Started

Mark B. Zinman – Zona Law Group P.C.

CFPB Requirements for Eviction

Michael Bennett – Atlas AZ

Inventory is Low, Prices Are High

Olivia McGraw – Unbridled Wealth

Compounding Interest and the Application for the Infinite Banking System

Legally Speaking – Zona Law Group

Legally Speaking: Seller Wants to Stay