October Newsletter Articles

Cover Article – Michael Del Prete

How to Become a Long-Distance Real Estate Investor

Executive Director Article – Alan Langston, Michael Del Prete

More Money, More Problems

Daniel Ortega – Vantage Self-Directed IRAs

Sunshine & IRAs – The Value of International Real Estate

Jill Bright – Chicago Title Agency

Judgements and Liens That Affect Title

Michael J. “Mick” McGirr – Phocus Law

Get It In Writing

Andrew Augustyniak – Peoples Mortgage Company

Where Loans in Forbearance Ended Up and How Long Someone Must Wait to Refinance

Mark Zinman – Zona Law Group

There Was No Eviction Tsunami

David Black – Boomerang Capital Partners

Five Favorite Upgrades for Your Flip

Michael Bennett- Atlas AZ

Rent Growth on Renewals

Jason K. Powers – Unbridled Wealth

Private Money Lending and Private Family Banking

Legally Speaking – Zona Law Group

Legally Speaking: Changing Filters