Welcome & thank you for joining us!

Let’s make your first visit to AZREIA worthwhile and productive. AZREIA is a full-time trade association and our success is due to knowing how to help each member reach their individual goals.

Make the most of your night…

  • Listen to the Association Update: Alan Langston, AZREIA’s  Founder, will take about 10 minutes to get you acquainted with AZREIA. You will still have plenty of time to enjoy all the networking activities.
  • Meet the AZREIA Team: Before and during the meeting you will find the staff available at the registration table where you first entered. They are always happy to answer any questions you may have about AZREIA.
  • Network with our Business Associates, members, and other guests before the meeting and during networking time.

Join AZREIA tonight and your Guest Fee can be applied to your membership dues

  • AZREIA Member dues are only $100 and AZREIA Plus dues are $239. An additional member may join for $100 (AZREIA) or $70 (Plus).
  • Ways to join:
    • Pay the annual dues tonight (less your guest fees: $20 towards PLUS, $10 towards AZREIA membership).
    • Go online to and click JOIN and pay online
    • Call our office during business hours and pay over the phone
  • Not ready to join? We understand you haven’t made up your mind to be a member of AZREIA – or maybe you aren’t sure you want to be a real estate investor. You need more information. Not a problem! This Path will help you decide:
    • Step 1: Sign up for your free AZREIA Advantage Newsletter
    • Step 2: Attend a monthly meeting at AZREIA and the Phoenix Real Estate Club
    • Step 3: Take the Entrepreneurial Self Assessment
    • Step 4: Attend Launch Pad
    • Step 5: Take the Core Skills classes
    • Step 6: Join a Subgroup

New & Experienced Investors: How AZREIA Will Help You

1.New to investing?  Sign up for Launch Pad.  It is available to AZREIA members and Guests who are new to real estate investing and want to dramatically increase their probability of success. This includes completing a:

  • Self-evaluation process to determine if you are suited to be a real estate investor
  • Self-assessment survey to find out where you are currently and where you want to be
  • Optimal investing path developed based on your evaluations and assessments
  • Personal Consultation to identify your precise action items to achieve your objectives

2.Education – Education is important, but it isn’t everything. Focusing your education on areas that will help you achieve your objectives is what’s important. AZREIA offers in-house education in most key areas of real estate investing and access to the most credible national educators. An important first step is to take the Launch Pad Core Skills workshops

3.Building Your Team – AZREIA has a Business Associate Program with virtually all the services and products you will need fully represented. Save months by establishing relationships with these companies who understand your needs and recognize you are unique.

4.Controlling Your Cost & Saving Money – AZREIA members have access to exclusive benefits from dozens of our Business Associates and major national companies like The Home Depot where our members receive a 2% rebate and exclusive pricing on paint and appliances. AZREIA members, on average, save over $1000 per year each through our expansive relationships.

5.Market Information – As you become experienced, the in-depth Market Update is a relied upon resource to assist in adjusting your investing to current market conditions. The knowledge you gain from this valuable tool will help you communicate effectively with potential sellers, buyers, and investors. The Market Update is invaluable and free to members.

Read more about our membership benefits HERE

Monthly Meetings:

These meetings are the heart and soul of AZREIA. Chapter meetings are held monthly in Phoenix and Tucson. Every month you have the opportunity to receive an in-depth market update presentation, network with your fellow Investors and our Business Associates – PLUS – hear a guest speaker. There is ample time set aside for networking. Many of our Business Associates elect to participate in a “trade show” like forum and host a table. This makes it easy for you to identify the business and experts you need to discuss your issues with and craft a solution. There is a community table where members can put flyers for properties they own or control and wish to sell.

The general session includes a guest speaker who is an expert in a specific area of real estate investing. There is no other organization in Arizona that brings individuals and organizations interested in investing in real estate together with the business community that supports them, and this happens every month! Create your network and support group that will help make you successful!

Education Classes & Seminars:

Increasing your knowledge and improving your skills will make you a more successful investor.  Our monthly meetings contain an educational session plus a market update.  We bring in national speakers who will host all day educational sessions on topics such as Notes, Foreclosure, Short Sales, Lease Options, Subject – To and more. In addition, throughout the year, our local education offers classes on Negotiation Techniques, Marketing, Contracts, Where’s the Money?, Comping and Estimating Repairs and more.  Visit our calendar of events for upcoming sessions.


AZREIA members may join one or more subgroups. Subgroups are formed to provide additional networking opportunities for real estate investors who share similar interests. Subgroups are facilitated by AZREIA members and operate under guidelines from the association. Subgroups are usually available for fix & flip, income property, beginners, notes and shared living.

Discount Programs:

Members receive many discounts and services from many local and national businesses including The Home Depot. These discounts reduce your cost and increase your margins on your investments. Discounts are limited to members and require an AZREIA Membership to receive the benefit. Check out some of our great advantages in the right-hand column. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our Discount Program prior to joining AZREIA.

Our Membership Advantage

AZREIA enhances its members’ ability to successfully invest in real estate through education, market information, support, and networking opportunities.

We Offer:

  • Association Meetings every month where you have access to the latest investment information, business associates who understand your needs, and a great networking environment.
  • Classes, Workshops, Simulators, and Investing Seminars which provide you the education and training to increase your ability to be successful.
  • Networking Resources to help you build a team of advisors and business associates.
  • Easy Access to Experts in all areas of real estate investment.
  • Small Sub-groups of members with similar investment interests.
  • OfferFast Property Posting Service to help you market your properties to other investors.
  • Support and Motivation to be successful in the exciting and profitable area of real estate investing.
  • Discounts from National Vendors and Local Business Associates to save you money and time

Should You Join? You could benefit from membership if any of the following apply:

  • You are committed to the benefits of Real Estate Investing as a way to achieve financial independence.
  • You want to belong to an association of people learning how to buy income-producing property.
  • You enjoy being around people who are proactive, take action, and want to substantially increase their income.
  • You want to start a new career, either part time or full time, that can reward you financially.
  • You are an experienced investor and want to enhance your knowledge of creative and advanced methods of investing.
  • You want to share your knowledge with others.
  • You want to save time and money.