AZREIA is committed to offering exceptional education and training at a value price.

We offer the most effective and timely pathways to prepare you for exciting real estate investing opportunities. Whether you are investing in real estate as a career, to supplement your income or to provide in your retirement, AZREIA education and training can put you on the path to achieving your goals. As your association, you can feel confident in AZREIA’s education. Our material is practical and Arizona specific. Our instructors are talented, successful Arizona real estate investors with exceptional teaching skills. Our education is offered through getting Getting Started classes, Advanced Simulators and referrals for investors seeking mentoring.

  1. Getting Started – Understanding the basics of real estate investing is paramount to getting off to a fast start. There are two classes to choose from and an option to “test out” if you feel you already understand the fundamentals.
    1. Success Factors – This really isn’t a class. It is about transferring knowledge and being sure you know what it takes to be a successful real estate investor. This session will cut months off your development and get you doing deals faster. This is the only class taught by AZREIA’s Executive Director, Alan Langston. Alan is adamant about AZREIA members reaching success as fast as possible and he covers the most important areas critical to your success.
    2. Fast Start Fundamentals – If you are just beginning, you have a lot to learn. This class aims to provide you all the information you need in one day to get you to a level where you can begin investing. More info…
  2. Advanced Simulators– Student participation in a simulated real-world environment providing hands-on instruction where you, the student, actually perform the steps of the real estate investment transaction. Nowhere else can you get real-life experience by completing a simulated real estate investment transaction in the safety of the classroom and at times in the field. You will leave with the skills, know-how and confidence to do your own deals. More info…
  3. Mentoring – While AZREIA doesn’t have a structured mentoring program, we recognize that mentoring is a valuable from of education. We do have a few local mentors we suggest our members consider. If this is your preferred method of learning, please give our office a call and we will provide you with a list of suggested mentors.

Augmenting AZREIA Getting Started classes, and Advanced Simulators are workshops delivered at monthly AZREIA meetings and special workshops on individual topics. Additionally, nationally recognized speakers provide seminars. The topics and speakers vary every year. Most of these seminars are provided at a very low cost and AZREIA allows the speaker to offer additional education products to those in attendance.

Educating our members is a primary mission of AZREIA. We are excited to offer you valuable education and training that meets our high standards at a reasonable price. All educational offerings are delivered through AZREIA Education Providers. To take advantage of AZREIA meetings special pricing you must register and pay at the meeting.  For other discounts you must register and pre-pay on-line or by phoning our office a full 48 hours before the class.   As always, please call with any questions.


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