The Advantages of Membership in AZREIA for the Real Estate Investor are Many.

As a proud Chapter of the National Real Estate Investors Association, membership with AZREIA also brings you membership with NREIA providing you enhanced services and benefits from a national level in addition to local partnerships. As our membership grows, we will continue to enhance current services and add new services based on input from membership. Remember, we are here for you!

Current Services:

Monthly Membership Meetings

These meetings are the heart and soul of AZREIA. Chapter meeting are held monthly in Phoenix, Tucson and Prescott. Every month you have the opportunity to attend a workshop, receive an in depth market update presentation, network with your fellow Investors and our Business…hear a guest speaker. There is ample time set aside for networking. Many of our Business Associates elect to participate in a “trade show” like forum and host a table. This makes it easy for you to identify the business and experts you need to discuss your issues with and craft a solution. There is a community table where members can put flyers for properties they own or control and wish to sell.

The general session includes a guest speaker that is an expert in a specific area of real estate investing. Come early and learn from experts on a specific topic in our 5:15pm workshop. There is no other organization in Arizona that brings individuals and organizations interested in investing in real estate together with the business community that supports them and this happens every month! Create your network and support group that will help make you successful!

Education Classes and Seminars

Increasing your knowledge and improving your skills will make you a more successful investor.  Our monthly meetings contain two educational sessions plus a market update.  We bring in national speakers who will host all day educational sessions on topics such as Notes, Foreclosure, Short Sales, lease Options, Subject – To and more.  In addition, throughout the year our local education offers classes or Advance Simulators on Success Planning, Fast Start Fundamentals, Fix & Flip, Wholesaling, Rehabing, QuickBooks, Creating an LLC, 1031 Property Exchange and more. Visit our calendar of events for upcoming sessions.


AZREIA members may join one or more subgroups. Subgroups are formed to provide additional networking opportunities for real estate investors that share similar interest. Subgroups are facilitated by AZREIA members and operate under guidelines from the association. Subgroups are usually available for Fix & Flip, income property, beginners, notes and mastermind.

Discount Programs

Members receive many discounts and services from over 50 local and national businesses including The Home Depot. These discounts reduce your cost and increase your margins on your investments. Discount are limited to members and requires an AZREIA Membership to receive the discount. Please view Member Benefits to see some of our discounts. Please call our office at 480-990-7092 if you have a question on our Discount Program prior to joining AZREIA.

Business Associates

To assist our members with building their team and forming their network, AZREIA has a Business Associate membership for business that offer services and products that real estate investors need. Business Associates are invited to join AZREIA based on member referral and satisfactory completion of our evaluation process. Many of our Business Associates offer discounts or special offers to AZREIA members. About 30 of our Business Associates are available to our members at the Phoenix monthly general meetings making it easy for our members to build their network. AZREIA Business Associates represent many critical areas for the real estate investor including lending, title insurance, property insurance, legal, tax/accounting, construction, flooring, handymen, financial planning, property management, property wholesaling, property exchange, real estate services and more. We will continue to add  more Business Associates in the future.


An AZREIA Vendor is an organization that offers services or products to the real estate investor. Vendors want to be part of AZREIA to support our mission and bring a wider array of products and services to our members.  Vendors may put information on their services or on the Community Table but may not be present at meetings.  Vendor membership is by invitation after completion of our qualification process. Completion of our Vendor contract is required. Vendors are given priority to become Business Associates should an opening become available in the category.

Member's Newsletter

Our highly educational newsletter, The AZREIA Advantage, is published monthly and contains tips on investing, topical articles from experts on subjects important to you such as title, property management, lending, legal, updates on legislation affecting the real estate investor, and property postings. It is mailed monthly or may be viewed on this website.


AZREIA’s FREE lending library contains over 100 books, magazines, newsletters and home study courses. This is a great way to supplement your education.

Community Programs

AZREIA will involve the association, its members and the broader real estate investing community in worth while community programs or projects that:

  1. Delivers a valuable service to the community
  2. Creates a “sense of community” within the AZREIA
  3. Provides value to our members that participate
  4. Promotes AZREIA’s positive vision and mission

Currently AZREIA is supporting Habitat for Humanity – Valley of the Sun as an Adopt-a-Home Sponsor and Stardust Building Supplies.

Government Affairs Program

AZREIA has hired a local lobbyist to represent the needs of real estate investors in the legislative and executive branches at our state capitol. Our desire is to understand issues or potential legislation that may affect real estate investing and communicate that information to our members. We plan for our collective voices to be heard on issue that affect our members. AZREIA has been recognized by National REIA on several occasions for the effectiveness of our lobbying efforts and overall Government Affairs Program.


Members have the opportunity to volunteer in a specific area of interest to a subset of the membership or the entire membership. Volunteer opportunities include helping at the monthly meeting or in the office and facilitating a subgroup.