Three Reasons Why Most “First-Time” Investors Fail

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by Jack Hilton II | Hilton Financial Corporation The following are a few topics an investment guru will know forwards and backward. These are, incidentally, issues of primary importance in choosing a real estate investment. You may be familiar with several of them. The first rule of thumb in real estate investment is that old [...]

Time to Focus on Yourself

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Time to Focus on Yourself By Troy Miller, Associate Executive Director of AZREIA We have decided to step back and look at these two areas to explore and incorporate them into the conversation at AZREIA. As we began looking at life and wealth planning, a few things came across our mind. One, the majority know [...]

Are You Rich with Friends?

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by Troy Miller Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. …I want you to think about that as we head into April’s Monthly Meeting here at AZREIA. Because? Last week at the Phoenix Real Estate Club, Alan Langston said that April’s meeting is [...]

How Can One Deal Lead to More Deals? by Bill Cook

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Most folks think real estate investing consists of finding a deal, taking it down, getting it rehabbed and sold, and then going out to find the next deal. But what if you structured the deal in such a way that one deal leads to more deals? Let’s look at two real-world examples of this.. 1.  [...]

Legally Speaking…

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Question: I have a property that I let my son occupy. Unfortunately, my relationship with my son has deteriorated because of my son’s drug use. Also, I want to sell the house, but I don’t want to evict my son. Can I sell the house with him in it? Answer: Yes, you always can sell [...]