Real estate is said to have made more millionaires than anything else. For those who have successfully made money in it, it’s not hard to see why. With so many different ways to grow wealth investing in real estate, there are tons of opportunities for many different people with different skill sets and talents to be successful, make money, and improve their financial position in meaningful ways. Top traits of a successful real estate investor are:

1. Knowledge

There is no substitute for knowledge. When you see the very best doing what they do, they always seem to know more than those around them. Real estate investors with large portfolio simply know more about what drives markets, how to time market cycles, and which things to watch out for. They are much more likely to recognize shifting markets before others do and are prepared to take advantage of these opportunities when they present themselves.

The very best never stop learning, and real estate is no exception. is a free online resource where investors can learn, network, and find solutions to their problems, all for free. Some of the best investors I’ve ever met are big fans of the site and are involved riding blog articles, creating videos, or answering questions in the forums. There are also tons of books written on how to invest in real estate. Many of the top investors I know read them frequently.

If you want to focus on where to grow your knowledge, I recommend starting with developing the following skills:

  • The ability to analyze a property for cash flow
  • The ability to recognize an under-valued property.
  • Developing a basic understanding for estimating rehab costs
  • Learning the economic factors that drive a market
  • Learning the various pieces at play when it comes to owning rental property (property management duties, etc)

The more you know about real estate investing, the less fear you’ll have. Overcoming fear is one of the best things you can learn to do if you want to carve out a successful career for yourself in real estate.

2. Patience

Having patience may sound simple, but that’s not always the case. When it comes to real estate investing, there is a lot of pressure on you to move and move fast. The best deals go quick, and allowing projects to run past the agreed upon timeline can be expensive. Investors are constantly facing pressures to do more, do it faster, and do it cheaper.

The best investors have learned to temper this pressure with wisdom and patience. They know when they need to run fast, and when they need to stop and wait to see how things develop. Patience can take several forms when it comes to real estate investing. Learning to recognize areas where you’ll need to practice it can save you from a lot of expensive mistakes.

One big area investors make mistakes on is buying a property solely because it allows them to meet a goal they’ve established in their own mind. Many newbie investors set deadlines for when they’d like to buy their next property, then feel pressure to make it happen-even if the deal isn’t that great. The best investors don’t feel the need to buy a pre-determined number of houses a month. They know if they don’t buy one this month, they may just buy two next month instead. Having patience to wait for the right deal is crucial, and having the fortitude to wait until it comes along is a valuable trait to possess.

Another problem novice investors make is jumping in at the wrong part of the market cycle. When everyone else is buying a home, it can be tempting to want to get involved yourself. Top investors zig when everyone else zags. They are fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. Waiting for the market to slow down, or crash even, can require more intenstinal fortitude but it is also a much better time to be picking up assets.

Managing the friction between pressure to act and patience to wait is a tough skill to develop. The best real estate investors have mastered this and reap the rewards of it.

3. Vision

While real estate investing may look like it’s all about the numbers from the outside, this is rarely the case. While buying cash flowing property and holding onto it for a long period of time will generally build your wealth, the very best investors do more than just buy and hold. They buy and improve the assets in their portfolio, adding value in additional ways.

Having the vision to see what a property could be, and then pursuing that vision, is what sets apart the average investors from the best. In real estate there is a term called “highest and best use”. It describes the concept of finding the very best use for a property and working to help bring that to fruition. Good investors do this well.

In a hot market, you don’t just find good deals. You make good deals. Top notch investors see ways to add value to properties without spending more money than they have to. For those with the vision to bring it about, there can be big rewards for those who buy the ugly duckling and turn it into the beautiful swan.

Some of the common ways investors do this are:

  • Adding bedrooms to a house in a house with less than three.
  • Adding bathrooms to a house with less than two.
  • Adding square footage cheaply. Often by converting car ports, Florida rooms, efficiency rooms, or covered storage areas to make them part of the property.
  • Buying properties with strong bones that need cheap cosmetic upgrades.
  • Buying income property and increasing the rents.
  • Buying commercial property and decreasing the expenses.

There are many ways to add value to a property and the best real estate investors have mastered this. Whether it’s a big time real estate developer who creates an experience buyers will pay top dollar for, or a weekend warrior handyman who buys a fixer upper and does the work himself, the top notch investors all have the vision to take something as it lies and make it better.

4. Efficiency

Efficiency is a skill practiced by the best business people around, and real estate investing is no exception. The vast majority of us would accomplish much more than we do in life if we had the ability to cut through distractions and get things done faster. Top real estate investors excel in this area.

In order to become efficient at what they do, smart business people look for things that take up time throughout their day that aren’t adding to the bottom line. Answering every email, taking unscheduled phone calls, and following up on tasks that are someone else’s responsibility are all examples of ways we prevent ourselves from focusing on what really matters.

Once you understand how important it is to be efficient, you are more likely to start demanding it from those around you. Contractors are much less likely to miss their timelines when they know the boss is an efficient person who expects the same. This principle drips its way down through every aspect of the business.

The best investors expect information to be delivered timely and in the format they understand best. They use their time wisely, listening to audio books and podcasts during their morning commute and leveraging assistants to respond to emails and phone calls. If you want to take your business to the next level, start with increasing your own efficiency and see if it doesn’t have a direct result on your productivity.

5. Focus

This one should come as no surprise. The best investors are highly focused, know what they want, and do not let anything prevent them from getting there. Obstacles are not a problem for the focused. A light bulb shines it’s light throughout a whole room. It’s energy is spread out and covers a large area-that is it’s purpose. A laser, however, is highly focused. Its energy is narrowly concentrated in a specific direction. Lasers can punch though obstacles that light bulbs cannot.

The best investors have the focus of a laser. They don’t let obstacles stop them, and they know exactly where they are going. The “Pareto Principle” (also called the 80/20 rule and developed by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto) can be summed up by stating 20% of your efforts will result in 80% of your results. Top business people adhere to this belief and it’s philosophy is seen in their business plans. By focusing their efforts on the 20% of the job that produces 80% of the results, they outperform their competition and make progress where others stall.

Don’t believe me? Look at the way income is distributed throughout the world. Look at the way the top 20% in most industries get 80% of the business. Whether it’s at a macro level (20% of a nations population control 80% of the wealth), business level (top 20% of salespeople are responsible for 80% of the revenue generated), or personal level (you wear 20% of your closet’s clothes 80% of the time), you’ll see the 80/20 principle at work.

Top investors understand this and narrow their focus to concentrate it rather than expand it to weaken it. The ability to focus increases production and allows them to punch through obstacles that would stop others.

6. Relationship building

If you want to know what the best business people focus on in their top 20%, it’s relationship building. Those with the best relationships always seem to win. Whether it’s getting the deal first, getting their permits approved by the city, winning the bid for the project, or getting the best pricing for the construction, those who have the best relationships are going to succeed.

We’ve all heard “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. The top investors have stopped fighting this fact and embraced it. Want to know why the wealthiest business people want yachts, expensive huge homes, and take lavish trips? It’s not always purely ego. These people understand that assets like these can open doors for relationship building that pay off bigger later.

That yacht can be a great way to get to know someone to give you the business loan your company needs, and that vacation home in the mountains can come in really useful when trying to build a relationship with someone who ski’s. Owning assets isn’t the only way to improve your relationship building, but it is an indication that smart business men and women understand this.

Bringing value to others is the foundational bedrock of relationship building. Learning it’s not always about you and taking steps of faith to pour into someone else first can open big doors for you later. Books like “How To Win Friends And Influence People” are timeless classics because they lay out the fundamentals for relationship building. Many of the top real estate investors I’ve met read this book over and over again every year!

7. Leverage

The last trait I’ve noticed that is common amongst successful real estate investors is their ability to use leverage. If you want to do anything at a large scale level, learning to learn leverage is absolutely crucial.

Leverage can come in several forms, but the three I see most commonly mastered by the top investors are money, people, and opportunity.


OPM, or “Other People’s Money” is one of the most commonly taught tenants of successful real estate investing. At a certain point in every successful investors career, they end up with more deals and more opportunity than they have capital to buy. At this point, the ability to use other people’s money (and pay them for it) is the best way to scale. By leveraging the resources of others, top investors grow their wealth and the size of their portfolio while creating win-win scenarios for those partnering with them through financial backing. If you aspire to be a successful real estate investor, you’d be wise to assume at some point you’ll be needing OPM.


Succesfsul investors also leverage people. By hiring talented, hard working trustworthy people (or partnering with them), top tier investors get much more done than they ever could by themselves. In any project, job, or business, there is a specific number of tasks that need to be completed to move forward. One of the biggest mistakes of the amateur is to assume they must be the one to complete all these tasks. Successful business people have learned to leverage the talents and abilities of other people to allow them to focus more on the 20% of the business that will bring them more results. If you plan to be a top notch investor, start learning as much as you can about how to hire talented people to work for you.


The final thing I notice the best investors leverage is opportunity. Successful business people learn that every win isn’t just a win, it’s an opportunity for another win down the road. When a project is completed and the investors in the deal are happy, it is much easier to leverage that success into getting their capital again in your next deal. When you develop and sell land in an area with high demand, it is much easier to learn from that experience and do it better the second time around. One successful endeavor almost always leads to more opportunity to repeat it, and the best investors are always looking to capitalize on this fact. The best don’t waste opportunities to do even better the next time.

Consider the Golden State Warriors, considered to be one of the very best basketball teams ever assembled in the history of the NBA. After winning the league championship, they were able to recruit Kevin Durant, considered to be a candidate for best player in the league. How did the Warriors accomplish this? Their winning formula created an attractive environment that enticed top talent to join them, making it even easier to win another Championship the next year (they went on to win two more in a row). How does this play out in real estate investing?

  • Buying more deals creates stronger relationships with those who find deals. The top investors get these deals first.
  • Doing more rehabs helps investors learn new, creative ways to save money on rehabs in the future.
  • Learning to rehab rentals can lead to opportunities to also flip houses. The skill sets between the two have a large overlap.
  • Learning how to read a profit and loss statement and manage employees can create opportunities to start newer side businesses.
  • Owning a large portfolio of rental properties can create opportunity to open your own property management company and scale up.
  • Flipping large numbers of homes can create an opportunity to build a real estate brokerage to sell them, save on commissions, and scale up.

When it comes to real estate investing, very little is new or innovative. The vast majority of the best investors are simply learning from what others are doing and then putting it into practice better than their competition does. If you want to be the best yourself, start studying what they do, how they act, and the way they think. If you do what the best do, someday you’ll become the best yourself!

-David Green, Forbes Contributor

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Kevin's Story

“The Launch Pad was exactly what I was hoping for. The deep dive into my expectations through your assessments was very valuable. The plan you provided me for my investment future put me at ease and gave me some reassurances that I am heading in the right direction. Launch Pad is definitely something I would recommend to all new investors. Thank you!”

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Matt & Nicole's Story

“My wife Nicole and I wanted to thank you for the 4 hours of dedicated time you set aside for us. The Launch Pad program really helped us find out what our interests were, and you experience and guidance helped us figure out how to go about achieving our goals! We always thought the recommendation you gave us was unachievable, but after our meeting we realize that it is!

The Launch Pad program was extremely insightful, and we thank you for your input and explanations! Also, we look forward to all the subgroups you recommended we attend.

Thanks again! I highly recommend the Launch Pad to any new investor!!! Thanks to this program, we shaved probably 3 years off the learning curve and countless hours of frustration.”


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Kevin's Story

“I took AZREIA’s Launch Pad program with Alan Langston. I found it to be very helpful as a “newbie” to REI.

The program, over 4-hours long, walked me through what my initial strategy and tactics should be for me to reach my goals. It even told me if I should even be an REI to begin with. Yes, it was that detailed.

Best of all Alan showed me how only a single SFH rented out at $2k/mth could get me to my retirement goals in 10 years!”


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Who We Are!

AZREIA, Arizona Real Estate Investors Association, is a professional association that exists to serve the needs of independent real estate investors. We provide market information and analysis, education, networking opportunities, implementation guidance, and support to assist our members in achieving success in real estate investing. Since our founding in 2002, we have helped thousands of real estate investors.

  • We believe real estate investing can help anyone achieve their financial goals. Success is a process and real estate investing over the long-term can provide exceptional results. Your results are dependent on your commitment to success and the effort you put forth in addition to market factors both seen and unseen. Not everyone is willing to commit and do what is necessary (legally, ethically and morally) to succeed. We do not believe in “get rich quick”! Please take our FREE Entrepreneurial Self Assessment to better understand your suitability for real estate investing. It takes about 20 minutes.
  • We believe planning is an essential element to reaching your desired outcome. We feel our Launch Pad program for new investors is an exceptional planning process for new real estate investors that will keep you focused, take months off your development cycle and give you a much better opportunity for success. Launch Pad is available to everyone. It is available for AZREIA members at the small price of $30. Non-members may attend on a space available basis but pay a non-refundable $100 fee to attend.
  • We believe strongly in education and offer reasonably priced education both internally and from respected educators outside of AZREIA. We are not mentors or coaches. We do not offer these type of high cost programs.
  • We believe networking is critical to any investor’s success. Networking with a purpose will help you build or improve your team, understand how others are successful, learn different investing techniques, acquire property, find money partner and much more. We believe networking is the second most important aspect to successful investing falling only behind implementing a well thought out plan. In support of this belief, AZREIA offers several networking opportunities every month.
  • We believe an association should bring purchasing power to its members. AZREIA has exceptional benefits that save our members money, increase their profits and simplify their business.
  • We believe and enforce our strong Code of Ethics. (CLICK TO VIEW)

AZREIA is believed to be the largest REIA in the country. We have been the most highly recognized REIA by the National Real Estate Investors Association. No other REIA has earned the REIA of the Year Award as many times as AZREIA. Additionally, National REIA has recognized AZREIA’s education program, community program and Government Affairs program as the best. National REIA has also honored AZREIA as being the Most Innovative. Locally, the Phoenix and Tucson Business Journals have listed AZREIA among the Top 10 Professional Associations.


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Will real estate investing solve my problem?

Most people consider investing in real estate as a way to solve an issue or issues in their life. The good news is real estate investing can work for anyone. So, the quick answer to the question is yes, real estate investing is a good way to solve many financial issues.

The bad news is many times a person will not take the necessary steps to ensure success in real estate investing. So, while real estate investing will work for anyone, it will not work for everyone. If you are committed and take the necessary actions (legally, ethically and morally) your probability of success is very high.

We encourage all new investors to complete AZREIA’s FREE Entrepreneurial Self Assessment. This 20 minute exercise will help you determine if real estate investing is right for you. Also, you will understand the type of investing most suited to your personal situation. [CLICK HERE to take the Entrepreneurial Self Assessment] Based on your results, you may determine to complete Launch Pad.

At AZREIA, we have a path for all people considering real estate investing to follow as a way to get started and determine if real estate investing will work for you. We call it Launch Pad!

Launch Pad is a planning process that when completed provides most new investors with the following:

  1. Your Optimal Investing Path
  2. Your Preferred Property Type
  3. Your Property Acquisition Plan
  4. Your Funding Plan
  5. Your Educational Plan
  6. Your Team Building Plan
  7. Your Networking Plan
  8. Your Beginning Timeline

We’re sure you noticed that each one of the above eight items begins with “Your”. That is because every investor is different. Your needs are unique to you, so your plan needs to be specifically designed to meet those needs. Also, your plan should fit in with your current life situation.

Here’s the kicker…. Going through the Launch Pad process will also determine if real estate investing will work for you at this time in your life. If so, great! You have a plan to implement. If not, isn’t it better to know that up front and save you a lot of time, money and anguish? At that point, you can consider other ways to solve the problems you are facing.

Consider registering for our next Launch Pad session. You will need to set aside about four hours to complete the process. If you are an AZREIA member, there is a small $30 fee for Launch Pad. Non-members may attend on a space-available basis but pay a non-refundable $100 fee to attend.

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New to Real Estate Investing: How AZREIA Membership Helps Me

Congratulations! Just knowing that real estate investing will help you means you’re off to a great start to achieving your financial goals. As an AZREIA member and new to real estate investing we take all of the guesswork out. You start by completing Launch Pad and then the rest of the items listed below. There is a Launch Pad session about every 30 – 45 days. This process will take months off your development time and gets you started doing deals as soon as possible.

1. Register for and complete Launch Pad – Proper planning is the major differentiator between those who succeed and those who don’t. We are so committed to you getting off to a great start that Launch Pad is included for AZREIA members for just $30. This four-hour session provides most new investors the following eight critical items:

  1. Your Optimal Investing Path
  2. Your Preferred Property Type
  3. Your Property Acquisition Plan
  4. Your Funding Plan
  5. Your Educational Plan
  6. Your Team Building Plan
  7. Your Networking Plan
  8. Your Beginning Timeline

We’re sure you noticed that each one of the above eight items begins with “Your”. That is because every investor is different. Your needs are unique to you, so your plan needs to be specifically designed to meet those needs. Also, your plan should fit in with your current life situation.

Register for the next available Launch Pad session: VIEW CALENDAR

2. Start implementing your Launch Pad Plan immediately! Your personal Launch Pad plan tells you what to do and when to do it. So, schedule the education you need. Begin building your team. Attend the networking sessions important to your plan. Implement your Acquisition Plan. Time to get going! It’s all in your Launch Pad plan!

3. Review the latest Market Update in the Member Resources tab in the Member’s Area of this website. As an investor it is important that you stay informed on the market. Creative real estate investing means being able to respond to market conditions in your negotiations, marketing, acquisitions, pricing, etc. It will take you a while to become comfortable with market trends. Attending the Market Update and Market News segments of AZREIA’s monthly meetings will help you understand trends and directions important to your investing.

4. Optional: View the Success Factors video series by CLICKING HERE. This free, one-hour, six-part video covers several important topics for new investors:

  1. What Will Be Covered
    1. Goal Setting
    2. Getting You Started Quickly
    3. Taking Months Off Your Ramp Up Time
    4. Getting You Connected
    5. Reducing Mistakes
  2. Jumping Right In!
    1. Getting in the Right Mindset to Succeed
    2. Top 5 Success Factors
    3. Separating Fact from Myth
    4. Understanding Different Investing Strategies
  3. Education: Spending Your Dollars Wisely
    1. Education You Need Versus Unnecessary Education
    2. Mentors: What You Need to Understand Before Spending Your Money
  4. It’s All for Nothing if You Don’t Do a Deal
    1. Finding Deals
    2. Getting Money for Deals
  5. Tools for Success
    1. Building Your Team
    2. Leveraging the Market Update
  6. Time to Get Started!
    1. Look Out!
    2. Your Next Steps

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Experienced Investors

Congratulations! You are somewhere along the path to achieving your objectives. Maybe you have rehabbed a couple of houses or acquired a few rentals. Possibly you have already achieved your objectives and are fully living the life you dreamed. Regardless of where you are on your path, an AZREIA membership will benefit you by helping you get to your goals faster, increasing the margins on your current investments and simplifying your business.

Seven Ways AZREIA Will Help You

1. Market Information – Market knowledge sets you apart from your competition. How you use the knowledge and information will be unique to you and your needs. Valued market information will help you adjust your investing to current market conditions, so you don’t miss opportunities. The knowledge you gain from this valuable tool will help you communicate as an expert. It will help you raise money from investors. You will justify pricing and offers based on market trend analysis. The Market Update is invaluable and free to members.

2. Controlling Your Cost & Saving Money – AZREIA members have access to exclusive benefits from dozens of our Business Associates and major national companies like The Home Depot where members can qualify for 2% rebate and receive exclusive pricing on paint, cabinets and appliances. AZREIA members on average save over $1000 per year each through our expansive relationships. Experienced members save many thousands of dollars each year.

3. Simplify Your Business – Real Estate investing is constantly changing. New processes, new technology, new creative techniques are always coming along. AZREIA will keep you at the forefront of it all.

4. Networking – The most successful investors realize the tremendous value of networking. AZREIA makes it simple to network with a purpose. From the structured networking of the Phoenix Real Estate Club designed for experienced investors to achieve results to great networking opportunities at all our strategy based subgroups, we have made networking effortless.

5. Improving Your Team – We know you already have a team in place. You wouldn’t be a successful investor without one. Through AZREIA’s Business Associate Program it is very possible you will improve your team with experts in virtually all of the services and products you will need. You know the value of having an experience, expert team. If you need to upgrade your team, AZREIA can help.

6. Education – You’re successful, so you are smart as it relates to investing. AZREIA’s most successful investors continuously invest in their advanced education. AZREIA’s reputation allows us the benefit to be very picky on the national educators we bring to our members. We realize it is important for you to understand the latest techniques and how to integrate them into your current investing.

7. Two Things Successful Experienced Investors Need To Do – We have found that time constraints often prevent or delay experienced investors from doing two thing that will protect their long term success – proper insurance coverage and exceptional asset protection. AZREIA will assist you in understanding your insurance coverage and asset protection. We are not an insurance company or attorneys and will not give you advice. We will help you to understand what you need to know and the questions you must have answers to in both of these critical areas. There is no reason to work a lifetime for success and give it away in a day. Don’t be “one of those investors” with a story. Preventing the loss of success is possible and something every investor should do.

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Help for Non-Members

Naturally we can help you more if you are an AZREIA member, but there are several things you can do as a non-member.

1. Take our FREE Entrepreneurial Self Assessment. This first step of our Launch Pad program helps you better understand your suitability for Real Estate Investing. It takes about 20 minutes to complete. [CLICK HERE to take the Entrepreneurial Self Assessment]

2. View the Success Factors videos. This free one-hour, six-part video series (CLICK HERE to view) covers several important topics for new investors:

    • What Will Be Covered – Goal Setting, Getting You Started Quickly, Taking Months Off Your Ramp Up Time, Getting You Connected, Reducing Mistakes
    • Jumping Right In! – Getting in the Right Mindset to Succeed; Top 5 Success Factors; Separating Fact from Myth; Understanding Different Investing Strategies
    • Education: Spending Your Dollars Wisely – Education You Need Versus Unnecessary Education; Mentors: What You Need to Understand Before Spending Your Money
    • It’s All for Nothing if You Don’t Do a Deal – Finding Deals & Getting Money for Deals
    • Tools for Success – Building Your Team & Leveraging the Market Update
    • Time to Get Started! – Look Out!; Your Next Steps

3. Take a Launch Pad session. This is free for members, but it is available to non-members for a fee on a space available basis. Launch Pad is a planning process when completed provides most new investors with the following:

    • Your Optimal Investing Path
    • Your Preferred Property Type
    • Your Property Acquisition Plan
    • Your Funding Plan
    • Your Educational Plan
    • Your Team Building Plan
    • Your Networking Plan
    • Your Beginning Timeline

I’m sure you noticed that each one of the above eight items begins with “Your”. That is because every investor is different. Your needs are unique to you, so your plan needs to be specifically designed to meet those needs. Also, your plan should fit in with your current life situation.

Register for the next available Launch Pad session: VIEW CALENDAR

4. Attend AZREIA meetings as a guest. There is a reasonable guest fee which is discounted if you register online.

    • The Market Update is presented at our Monthly Meetings, so you are able to receive this valuable information. (Only members may download and use the charts and data.)
    • You may meet AZREIA Business Associates in the Tradeshow during our Monthly Meetings. This will give you access to exceptional product and service providers that successful real estate investors use.
    • Networking at our Monthly Meetings is unsurpassed. As a non-member you may take full advantage of this opportunity.

5. Please enjoy our Blog of interesting articles by industry experts. Access our blog by CLICKING HERE.

6. The best way we can help you is to convince you to become a member. Our benefits are extensive. Our average registered member receives several hundred dollars in rebates and exclusive AZREIA discounts from The Home Depot. Discounts on education and services/products from our Business associates ensure you save big. Every AZREIA member should receive many times their annual dues back just through our rebates and discounts.

Please consider our “Build-Your-Own” membership plan as a cost-efficient way to fully participate in AZREIA. At only $60 a year under our current promotion and low meeting costs it is an ideal way to get started.

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