Maintaining Rental Properties

2019-03-05T23:44:16-07:00August 4th, 2012|Investing, Landlord, Multi-family, Property Management, Property Manager, Rentals|

Maintenance can be difficult to plan for with residential homes. Vandalism, inclement weather, irresponsible tenants, poor installation/repair and time make it unclear when components of a home will need serviced. Although one cannot foresee everything that could go wrong with a home, it is important for landlords to understand their responsibilities to maintain their investment [...]

Amenities At Your Multi-Family Properties

2019-03-05T23:44:19-07:00April 11th, 2012|Investing, Landlord, Rentals|

By David Lindahl Having nice amenities at your multi-family properties brings customers.  Amenities also make living at your property pleasant and a joy to come home to.  They help with the original leasing and with resident retention. It makes sense to add amenities that are related to the lifestyles of your tenants.  Have little extras [...]