Property Taxes by State

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Property taxes vary widely across states both in terms of annual taxes paid as well as effective tax rates. In 2017, the difference between average real estate taxes paid by New Jersey and Alabama home owners was nearly $8,000. New Jersey continued its perennial distinction as having the highest average real estate tax bill per [...]

Rental Verification – When COURTESY Creates LIABILITY

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What information can you ask for, and what information should the old landlord provide? In the rental industry, it has become common practice that when landlords qualify potential applicants, they send out rental verification forms to previous landlords. This is a good way to get some insight into how the applicant will be as a [...]

FROZEN WATER PIPES – Here in the desert? YES, RIGHT HERE!!

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Think it doesn’t happen here? Think again!!! If you have never experienced frozen water pipes, perhaps you do not understand the severity of this situation. When water pipes freeze, the water expands and splits or cracks the pipe. Then, when the water under pressure, finds that crack, the water runs until someone notices and shuts [...]

The 10 Surprising Housing Markets Poised to Rule in 2019

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Going into the new year, just about everyone has heard the big news: The real estate market is slowing down. Crazy annual price spikes are waning, more properties are hitting the market, and there are fewer buyers to compete with. Everyone is wondering what that means for 2019. Will all long-frustrated, aspiring homeowners finally be able crack open [...]


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Over the years, we at WZP Legal, have presented at AZREIA and written numerous articles for this newsletter, about the importance of fair housing laws. Whenever we give a presentation, AZREIA members come to us with a “quick question” and ask us what is the best thing they can do, to avoid violating fair housing [...]