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In any type of business, a party wants to know what their greatest risks are and what are the most common types of problems they will potentially face.  In renting property, loss of revenue, damage to the property and personal injury may be the most expensive problems, but lawsuits over security deposits are the most [...]

Legal Q&A

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Question: If my tenant is repeatedly late with paying rent, can I report him to the credit bureaus? Answer: Unless you are an authorized subscriber to the credit bureaus, you cannot report individual delinquencies or a tenant’s lack of payment.  Because of the stringent federal reporting requirements and the associated fees, most landlords (whether small [...]

Miscellaneous items you may not have expected from investment properties

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Surprises in life appear in many forms. Traffic accidents, natural disasters or wedding anniversaries…. In many cases, one cannot anticipate or plan for things they are not expecting. The same holds true for property management. Based upon personal experience as well as the experience of others, here are a few surprises many of our investors/landlords [...]

Legally Speaking Q&A

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Question: My tenants didn’t pay June rent and I sent them a 5 day notice.  It’s July 3 and I was going to file the eviction, but they paid the June rent.  Can I accept the June rent, then send out a new notice and start an eviction for July’s rent because I don’t think [...]


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With the increase of properties being sold at trustee’s sale, and the unknown condition that buyer’s are taking them, many owners need to fix up properties before they are habitable as a rentals.  Unfortunately, it is often the case that the new owner is unable to afford licensed contractors and the owners are looking for [...]