Which cities are best positioned for price growth for houses, condos and apartment units this summer?  Recently, HouseCanary analyzed the top-100 MSAs to see which ones had the highest year-over-year price growth for those three investments.  They found that price growth is strongest in cities out West and in Florida, and less robust in the Southeast, while parts of the Northeast may require even more digging to find a good investment deal. In addition they suggest paying attention to where people are moving and try to secure investment properties in those markets.

“If you’re looking for strong investment opportunities across property types based on price growth, then focusing on areas with net population gains is a good strategy. Condos and apartments tend to increase in price more than single-family homes in areas where the population is growing, but they’re not always a safe bet — condo and apartment prices can decline year-over-year in markets where population growth is slow or markets where more people are migrating out than are moving in.”

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