What are the best and worse states for families to lead a richer life?  And by richer we aren’t referring to wealth but rather all of the opportunities and factors that contribute to an increased quality of life.  The folks over at GoBankingRates.com recently crunched the numbers for all 50 states (and DC) to identify which provided the best income, housing, healthcare and educational opportunities.  They analyzed twelve factors that were split up among five categories;  Jobs & Income, Housing, Lifestyle, Healthcare and Safety.

“There really is no ‘one size fits all’ formula for those trying to decide the best place to raise their families today,” said Kristen Bonner, lead researcher on the GOBankingRates study. “Our study examined some of the main concerns families have during this process and found that it is possible to live in states where the cost of living won’t drain your bank account and your children can still attend good schools in a safe environment.”  (As quoted by Builder)

GBR RicherLifeThe Top 5 states were:

  1. New Hampshire
  2. North Dakota
  3. Delaware
  4. Montana
  5. Wyoming

The Worst 5 states (and DC) were:

  1. Washington, DC
  2. California
  3. Illinois
  4. Connecticut
  5. Nevada


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