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The True Cost of Using Banks and Paying Cash

2021-11-15T15:01:16-07:00November 1st, 2021|Newsletter, Unbridled Wealth|

How can you get the most out of the money that flows through your personal economy? How can you get the most out of the cash you save up for real estate investments? I’ll answer these questions, but first let’s look at a real life example. My family saved up about 100k over my first [...]

Private Money Lending and Private Family Banking

2021-11-15T15:01:38-07:00September 30th, 2021|Newsletter, Unbridled Wealth|

If you’ve been in the real estate investing world long enough you may have dabbled with the idea of getting on the other side of the table and being a private money lender. After all, when you started out in the real estate world, chances are you were trying to utilize friends and family’s cash [...]

How to Safely Store, Grow and Use Your Hard-Earned Cash

2021-11-15T15:02:04-07:00August 31st, 2021|Newsletter, Unbridled Wealth|

As the daughter of entrepreneurs, I regularly tagged along as my mom made daily cash deposits into their accounts. I pictured the teller taking that hard-earned cash and tucking it safely away into the vault. Little did I know that wasn’t exactly where the money was stored. Not only was it not in that vault, [...]

Create a Perpetual Financial Tailwind

2021-11-15T15:02:35-07:00July 29th, 2021|Newsletter, Unbridled Wealth|

What if you could take the role of banker in your real estate investing? Imagine not only earning returns from your investments, but also owning the system that lends you the capital for your investments. By changing where you send your money first, you can control the environment of your investing and create a perpetual [...]

Recapturing Debt with Infinite Banking

2021-06-30T17:24:59-07:00June 30th, 2021|Newsletter, Unbridled Wealth|

As it stands, the average household in the United States carries a debt of $137,000, which is a staggering amount. The median debt in 2000 was only $51,000, for context. Here in the American culture, we’re taught to finance our cars and our homes. Then, we’re told to get a few credit cards - because [...]

Private Family Banking Systems

2021-06-01T17:09:52-07:00June 1st, 2021|Newsletter, Unbridled Wealth|

What would change in your real estate investing business if you didn’t have to pay the 7-12% interest and points to a lender? What would change in your financial life if you never had to borrow from a bank again, but could borrow from yourself, and pay yourself back with interest, and do it over [...]