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2021-12-29T14:43:50-07:00December 29th, 2021|Newsletter, Zona Law Group|

If you own or manage rental property, you know that complying with fair housing laws is critical to avoiding liability.  Over the years, we have found that many AZREIA members incorrectly believe that fair housing laws do not apply to them.  Whether or not a property owner falls under an exception or not, we always [...]

Legally Speaking: Accepting Late Payments

2021-12-29T14:47:44-07:00December 29th, 2021|Legally Speaking, Newsletter, Zona Law Group|

Question: I was in court on a non-payment of rent case, and the judge gave the tenant until the end of the day to pay what is owed.  Do I have to accept the money?  I have had numerous problems with this tenant, and just want them out.   Answer: Arizona is a cure-state, so [...]

Legally Speaking: Background Checks on Vacation Rentals

2021-11-30T20:48:09-07:00November 29th, 2021|Legally Speaking, Newsletter, Zona Law Group|

Question: I own 15 homes, a few of which are in Old Town Scottsdale.  Given the visitor season coming up, I want to rent them as short-term vacation rentals and keep the rest of the homes on long-term leases.  I plan on having all rentals be shorter than one week.  Am I legally required to [...]

You Wouldn’t Believe Me if I Told You

2021-11-30T20:50:49-07:00November 29th, 2021|Newsletter, Zona Law Group|

Given that it’s the end of the year, we figure we would end on a light note. Clients often ask us about some of the incredible things that we have seen. We have seen both owners and residents take actions that are undeniably shocking. Even with all of that craziness, without a doubt, our most [...]

Legally Speaking: Changing Locks

2021-11-30T20:51:09-07:00November 1st, 2021|Legally Speaking, Newsletter, Zona Law Group|

Q: I purchased a property at a trustee’s sale to fix up and sell. Can I go in the property, change the locks and begin to remodel the property? A: Unless the property is vacant, you can never change the locks on a home. If it appears that someone is in possession of the property, [...]