Much is changing in our market in what can easily be called turbulent times. We are doing what we feel is necessary to keep you informed and prepared based on what is actually happening in the market and beyond. For the latest industry related COVID-19 information, please bookmark this page.

[11/10/2021] NEW MANDATORY FORM: New AO Form for All Properties & More information on Public Housing and PBRA – When things change, we need clients to complete a new form for processing their evictions. While the information below is on the HUD requirements…[CONTINUE READING]

[9/1/2021] VIDEO: Analysis of Landlord Tenant Matters in a Post-CDC Moratorium World – As everyone knows, the CDC eviction moratorium was struck down by the United States Supreme Court. While the full case will still be litigated for years, the eviction moratorium is…[CONTINUE READING]

[8/27/2021] MORATORIUM UPDATE: United State Supreme Court Enters Order Ending CDC Moratorium on Evictions – On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court entered an order that immediately invalidated the CDC eviction moratorium. I repeat, the CDC’s eviction moratorium…[CONTINUE READING]

[8/20/2021] CARES ACT MORATORIUM UPDATE: Alternative 30-Day Notice for CARES Act Covered Properties – As readers know, our firm has advised clients with CARES Act-covered properties (properties with mortgages backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or…[CONTINUE READING]

[8/5/2021] MANDATORY FORM & NEW PODCAST: New Mandatory Form Needed Due to Extension of CDC Moratorium – In a decision that can only be said to be a shock to legal scholars, the CDC extended their eviction moratorium. Like all other things over the past 18 months, this…[CONTINUE READING]

[8/4/2021] PRESS RELEASE: National REIA Statement on the CDC’s Reimposition of their Eviction Moratorium –  The National Real Estate Investors Association issued the following statement regarding the Biden Administration’s recent reimposition of…[CONTINUE READING]

[8/4/2021] MORATORIUM UPDATE: CDC Extends Eviction Moratorium – After acknowledging that the CDC did not have the legal authority to extend the eviction moratorium, and after Congress could not get the votes for a legislative moratorium…[CONTINUE READING]

[7/23/2021] MORATORIUM UPDATE: Newest AZ Supreme Court Order on the End of the CDC Moratorium – We are preparing for the end of the CDC eviction moratorium and have been waiting for more direction from the Arizona Supreme Court…[CONTINUE READING]

[7/13/2021] MORATORIUM UPDATE: CDC Moratorium Likely to Expire: What We Know Now – As of today, it is expected that the CDC moratorium will expire on July 31, 2021 and not be extended. There is always the potential that another…[CONTINUE READING]

[6/30/2021] MORATORIUM UPDATE: U.S. Supreme Court Ruling – CDC Moratorium Not Immediately Invalidated. Today the U.S. Supreme Court issued a one-page ruling denying relief on one of the cases challenging the CDC moratorium…[CONTINUE READING]

[6/24/2021] MORATORIUM UPDATE: Extension of CDC Eviction Moratorium to 7/31/21 & New White House Fact Sheet – As we expected, the CDC extended the eviction moratorium. This time it was extended until July 31,2021…[CONTINUE READING]

[6/17/2021] MORATORIUM UPDATE: New Form for Evictions RE: Forbearance – Judges are now requiring landlords to state whether the property participates in a forbearance program. Many judges in Arizona are now requiring landlords to…[CONTINUE READING]

[5/5/2021] MORATORIUM UPDATE: Federal Court “Vacates” Nationwide Eviction Moratorium – GREAT NEWS…Another federal court has found that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control Eviction Moratorium is unconstitutional…[CONTINUE READING]

[5/3/2021] INTERIM RULE UPDATE: New Forms to  Comply with CFPB Rule; Rule Effective Immediately – As we reported previously, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) has published an order that debt collectors must notify residents…[CONTINUE READING]

[4/20/2021] SUMMARY: Fast Facts: 2021 Debt Collection COVID-19 Interim Final Rule – Access a summary of the interim rule by the CFPB on the CDC Eviction Moratorium…[CONTINUE READING]

[4/20/2021] INTERIM RULE: Interim Final Rule: Debt Collection Practices in Connection with the Global COVID-19 Pandemic (Regulation F) – Access the full ruling document…[CONTINUE READING]

[4/20/2021] RESOURCE: Debt Collection: Sample Disclosure Language – The CFPB released sample language landlords can use in their notices that comply with new rules…[CONTINUE READING]

[4/20/2021] FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: CDC Eviction Moratorium Frequently Asked Questions – Access newly released FAQ page from the CDC…[CONTINUE READING]

[3/23/2021] RESOURCES: Maricopa County Accepting Applications for Rental Aid – Maricopa County is now accepting applications for a new Federal Emergency Rental Assistance program to assist those struggling to afford their rent or utility payments…[CONTINUE READING]

[2/23/2021] RESOURCES: Emergency Rental Assistance Program – The Arizona Department of Economic Security is launching the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) today, February 22. To access the application and additional…[CONTINUE READING]

[2/17/2021] ARTICLE: Rental Assistance Funding – Following is a breakdown of the Federal funding for rental assistance receive in Arizona. Each will have its own process for disbursement of their funds. We will do our best to advise you…[CONTINUE READING]

[2/15/2021] ARTICLE: First Information on Requesting Rent Funds – Struggling Arizona renters and landlords will be able to begin to apply for almost a half- billion dollars in federal aid before the end of the national eviction moratorium on March 31…[CONTINUE READING]

[9/4/2020] ARTICLE: CDC Very Important Information – Things are changing rapidly regarding the CDC Order. Here are a few things you must know: Our firm is going to require managers to sign a declaration each time they request an eviction for non-payment or…[CONTINUE READING]

[9/2/2020] ARTICLE: CDC Order Stopping Evictions – On September 1, 2020, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) released an Order titled “Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions to Prevent the Further Spread of COVID-19”… [CONTINUE READING]

[8/11/2020] APPLICATION: Rental Property Owners Preservation Fund – The Rental Property Owner Preservation Fund (RPOPF), established by the Governor’s Office, provides assistance to rental property owners across the State of Arizona…[CONTINUE TO OVERVIEW AND APPLICATION]

[7/27/2020] RESOURCE GUIDE: COVID-19 Rental Assistance Resources – Sources for those in need of rental assistance in AZ due to COVID-19 and the requirements and limitations…[ACCESS RESOURCES]

[7/17/2020] VIDEO: National REIA Webinar – COVID Updates for the industry and “The Corona Recovery”- Adaption and regulatory flexibility – Commercial real estate was lagging residential even before the crisis…[WATCH VIDEO]

[7/3/2020] ARTICLE: Rental Assistance Programs – Communication between the rental property owner and resident is more important than ever. Both parties are dealing with issues they have never encountered before. One such issue…[CONTINUE READING]

[5/14/2020] ARTICLE: FHFA Extends Foreclosure and Eviction Moratorium – Today, to help borrowers and renters who are at risk of losing their home due to the coronavirus national emergency, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced…[CONTINUE READING]

[5/11/20] ARTICLE: NMHC Rent Payment Tracker Finds 80.2 Percent of Apartment Households Paid Rent as of May 6 – Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the economy in many ways, the National Multifamily Housing Council reports that as of May 6th, 80% of apartment households had paid their rent…[CONTINUE READING]

AZREIA Member Benefit: COVID-19 Downloadable Word Documents – Notice of Temporary Waiver of Late Fees (COVID-19), Payment Plan Agreement (COVID-19), Promise to Pay Agreement (COVID-19)… [CLICK to Access Member Only Files]

[5/8/20] VIDEO: National REIA Webinar – COVID-19 Update – This week NREIA covered Federal Relief Updates, Finding deals in the Hidden Market… [WATCH VIDEO]

[5/1/20] VIDEO: National REIA Webinar – Federal Relief Update and How to Buy/Sell/Rent during this market. This meeting we covered: Updates on Relief Packages… [WATCH VIDEO]

[4/24/20] VIDEO: National REIA Webinar – COVID-19 Relief Update 04.42.20. This week’s call we discussed relief packages updates as of April 24th… [WATCH VIDEO]

[4/17/20] VIDEO: National REIA Webinar – How COVID Will Change Your Rentals. This meeting covers Updates on Relief Packages, Updates on Move-In/Move-Outs, and Virtual Showings and Leasing… [WATCH VIDEO]

[4/17/20] VIDEO: National REIA Webinar – Evictions and More. This update is focused on evictions, late fees, and other COVID-19 issues… [WATCH VIDEO]

[4/10/20] VIDEO: National REIA Webinar – Relief Updates and Investing with Your Self Directed IRA. COVID-19 Updates with special guest John Bowens of Equity Trust… [WATCH VIDEO]

[4/10/20] VIDEO: National REIA Webinar – How COVID-19 is impacting Rental Owners and Real Estate Investors… [WATCH VIDEO]

[4/10/20] VIDEO: National REIA Webinar – Federal Relief for Your Investing Business. What CARES may  mean for you. SBA Loan Overview. Moving your business forward. Project Site Delivery… [WATCH VIDEO]

[4/1/20]  ARTICLE: Does Your Residential Rental Property Qualify for CARES? Easy to understand Flow Chart along with complete information and analysis by ZONA Law Group… [READ ARTICLE]

[3/30/20]  ARTICLE: Eviction Prevention Assistance – Your tenants may qualify for State rent assistance… [READ ARTICLE]

[3/30/20]  VIDEO: Zona Law Group – Federal Stimulus Package Stay of Non-payment Evictions in Properties with Federally Backed Mortgages… [WATCH VIDEO]

[3/30/30] VIDEO: Loss of Rent Insurance Coverage – Does COVID-19 apply? Short Video from AZREIA Business Associate Gila Insurance… [WATCH VIDEO]