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Are you a REAL Investor… or Just Another Landlord?

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Are you a Real Investor... or Just Another Landlord by Dave Pickron, Investigative Screening and Consulting While most of us like to think of ourselves as "investors" instead of "landlords", the difference between the two is more than just a preferred term. Investors generally spend their money on rental properties and use them to generate [...]

When tenants don’t pay or cooperate: Decisions…

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Any person who is a landlord long enough will undoubtedly have to deal with a tenant whom they struggle collecting rent from. There are a number of reasons for this scenario. Perhaps the tenants lost their job; they had a recent death in the family; they have to move out of state; or they simply [...]

Legally Speaking– Maintaining Your Rental

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Question: I read your December, 2011 article about a landlord’s noncompliance and tenant’s rights.  I want to make sure I am complying with the lease, but I have a tenant who is harassing me about every little problem in the unit.  Do I have to fix every little thing they complaint about? Answer: Among other [...]


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A smart landlord will always conduct a thorough background check on all applicants that wish to rent a property.  It is based upon the information conducted, including the applicant’s credit that the landlord can make an informed decision as to whether to enter into a lease.  However, the circumstances change, when the applicant has been [...]