In Arizona Investors Always Insure for Rebuild Cost, Not Market Value

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In Arizona, residential investors and home-owners always insure for the cost to-rebuild. The vast majority of residential homes are newer, and by insuring for cost to re-build, the owner knows that there is enough insurance coverage to replace the house with a new one if something really bad happens. The “Parable of the Twins”: Brad [...]

Don’t Base Your Insurance Purchase Strictly on Price

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It’s no secret, the days of purchasing single family homes for investment purposes has become extremely competitive and challenging for the average buyer. No doubt it’s a sellers’ market, especially in major metropolitan areas like Phoenix, Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Portland and Seattle with values appreciating in the last 12 months 8% to 25%. [...]

“Checking Off” (X) Insurance on your “To Do” List – More than just a YES / NO box to check.

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As a rental property investor, you need to have a working knowledge of many different subjects.  You may not have to become an expert, but it is good to have a basic understanding when it comes to roofing, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, taxes, insurance, and of course, the Arizona Landlord-Tenant Act. While a really great [...]