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Making The Impossible Deals Possible

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Making The Impossible Deals Possible, Bill Cook A realtor asked me to show her a real-world example of a deal we did that demonstrates how we make impossible deals possible. No problem, but I ask one favor: As you read this, BEFORE reading how we structured this deal, think about how YOU would have put [...]

Property Taxes by State

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Property taxes vary widely across states both in terms of annual taxes paid as well as effective tax rates. In 2017, the difference between average real estate taxes paid by New Jersey and Alabama home owners was nearly $8,000. New Jersey continued its perennial distinction as having the highest average real estate tax bill per [...]

How Much Freedom Does Your IRA Have?

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Our Self-Directed IRA Expert says... Last month, we all took time to celebrate our nation’s birthday, and the freedom our great country provides us. Therefore, I felt it was appropriate to shine a light on the freedom that a truly Self-Directed Real Estate IRA provides those who choose to establish and maintain one. Self-Directed IRAs [...]

What you need to know about FIRPTA

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Most investors in the valley like to use what we call a muted contract. A muted contract is just the basics; buyer, seller, who will pay the fees and the closing date. When using a muted contract, in most cases, you remove all the contingencies that are in the standard AAR (Arizona Association of Realtors) contract.  [...]

“Fresh Start” at the IRS – Part III

2012-10-08T15:14:38-07:00October 8th, 2012|Tax Law|

Fresh Start Offer in Compromise Despite late night advertising to the contrary, it is usually extremely difficult to get the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to accept an Offer in Compromise (OIC) of your taxes. An OIC is essentially a negotiated settlement of your tax debt that allows you to pay less than the full amount [...]