Successfully Using the Past to Manage in the Present

2020-04-28T16:34:24-07:00April 28th, 2020|AZREIA, Business Planning, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Fair Housing, Financing, Investing, Landlord, Market Changes, Multi-family, Property Management, Property Manager, Rentals, Strategy|

We have all heard the phrase “live in the present and forget about the past,” but rarely do we hear the opposite of that.  Currently we are in a challenging situation in regard to managing our properties and are being forced to do things in unfamiliar ways.  Social distancing has changed the way we show [...]

4 Ways to Buy a Home Without a Mortgage

2019-04-02T21:20:57-07:00April 2nd, 2019|AZREIA, Contracts, Creative, Did You Know..., Financing, Investing, Market Changes, Strategy|

4 Ways to Buy a Home Without a Mortgage Would you like to become a homeowner? Looking to buy a second home as an investor?  Purchasing a home is a big decision and a considerable financial commitment, and can be tricky qualifying for a mortgage from a traditional lender if you haven’t saved enough for [...]

Dissecting a Title Commitment – Part 4

2020-05-18T18:13:01-07:00December 25th, 2018|AZREIA, Chicago Title Agency, Did You Know..., Escrow, Financing, Investing, Legal Procedures, Title|

In this month’s article we will go over “Schedule B Part I” aka the “Requirements” section of the Title Commitment. For the purposes of this article we will use a Title Commitment issued by Chicago Title Agency, Inc. for reference. If you’re looking for excitement in a Title Commitment the “Requirements” section is almost always [...]

Importance of Income for Traditional Financing

2020-08-24T21:05:09-07:00October 16th, 2018|AZREIA, Did You Know..., Financing, Peoples Mortgage Co, Prime Lending, Strategy|

The summer has come to an end... ...the heat is hopefully calming down, and interest rates have hit a high point since 2011. It has been an interesting summer to say the least in our world with refinance mortgages calming down and purchases slowing down as well.  Some larger mortgage companies have closed shop in [...]

Are Stated Income Loans Back?

2020-05-18T16:56:41-07:00August 14th, 2018|Credit Reports, Equity Finders, Financing, Investing, Lender and Bank Practices, Market Changes|

Remember back in the early and mid-2000’s when no documentation home loans became very popular? If not, perhaps you were still a bit young, you weren’t a self-employed home buyer, or you had not yet become involved in the real estate industry. In any event, if you’re not familiar with what a no doc mortgage [...]

Draft Your Real Estate Investor Dream Team

2019-03-05T23:44:13-07:00May 8th, 2015|1031 Exchange, Business Planning, Estate Planning, Financing, Investing, Legal Procedures, Lender and Bank Practices, Refinancing, Self-Directed IRA, Small Business, Uncategorized|

By J.P. Dahdah, Vantage Self-Directed Retirement Plans Being a “self-directed” investor doesn’t mean you have to go through your financial journey alone. In fact, very few high-net worth individuals would tell you that they reached their level financial success by themselves. Making sound financial moves consistently requires a high level of financial literacy and it’s [...]