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Dissecting a Title Commitment – Part 4

December 25th, 2018|

In this month’s article we will go over “Schedule B Part I” aka the “Requirements” section of the Title Commitment. For the purposes of this article we will use a Title Commitment issued by Chicago Title Agency, Inc. for reference. If you’re looking for excitement in a Title Commitment the “Requirements” section is almost always […]

Agreements For Sale

April 19th, 2012|

Now that the market is changing yet again, it may be a good time to think about alternative financing for your end buyers as a way for you to make a small return on your investment.  The agreement for sale has been around for many, many years and is coming back “in style”. This is […]

Investing in Multi-Unit Properties

August 17th, 2011|

As the residential market drags across the “bottom” we have all been waiting for, now is the time to keep your options and mind open to all the opportunity whirling around us.  One facet of the market that has been picking up steam is the multi-unit property arena. Multi-unit or multi-family property investing is not […]

Buying REO (Bank Owned) vs. Buying at Trustee Sale

July 27th, 2011|

Arizona investors have quite a few options for investing right now. The deals are every where you look. Unlike years past when your investment strategy was adjusted every couple of years, investors now seem to adjust every couple of months to keep up with the ever changing market trends. Buying at the court house steps […]

The Hold Open Policy is your friend!

June 15th, 2011|

By DiAnna Jackman, Senior Escrow Officer/Branch Manager, Chicago Title Insurance Company

As Investors, we all know that the name of the game is keeping our P&L in check. Keeping costs low is important in any business but most of all when that business is your own. You have to answer only to yourself and maybe a […]

HOA Fees– How Much is Too Much?

June 2nd, 2011|

You purchase a property at the Trustee sale, find a buyer, open escrow and wait for your estimated Settlement Statement from your Escrow Officer. How many times were you in shock after reviewing over the settlement statement and seeing all the Home Owner Association (HOA) fees? Sometimes there are one or possibly two transfer fees, […]